Faculty Details

Prof. Santanu K. Ganguli

Professor, Finance
FCA, Ph.D.
Home Page:www.ximb.ac.in

Teaching Interests

Corporate Finance, Portfolio Theory & Management, Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation, Derivatives

Research Interests

Agency Theory, Corporate Governance, Capital Structure, Dividend Policy, Market based Accounting Research (MBAR).

Significant Research Publication :
a) Ganguli, Santanu K, (2016) “Persistent High Liquidity, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance: Indian Evidence” , Corporate Ownership and Control, Vol 14, No 1, pp 38-47
b) Datta Debabrata, Ganguli, Santanu K. and Manu Chaturvedi(2014), “Announcement Effect of Dividend in Presence of Dividend Tax: Possible Agency Problem and Macro Level Inefficiency?” South Asian Journal of Macro-economics and Public Finance (Sage Publication). Vol 3, No 2, pp – 195-220
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g) Ganguli, Santanu K (2011), “Accounting Earning, Book Value and Cash Flow in Equity Valuation: An Empirical Study on CNX NIFTY Companies” ” IUP Journal of Accounting Research and Audit Practice, Vol X, No 3, pp-68-76
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Administrative Responsibilities

Head - Centre of Corporate Governance.
In former institution:
1) Chairperson - Student Affairs
2) Chairperson - Library Committee
3) Area Coordinator - Finance and Accounting Area

Research & Publications



2014, JOURNAL: Announcement Effect of Dividend in Presence of Dividend Tax: Possible Agency Problem and Macro Level Inefficiency?”, Sage Publication

2014, JOURNAL: Political Connection and Firm Value. Theory and Indian Evidence, Emerald Publishing.

#Working Paper

2016, WorkingPaper: Board Composition, Ownership Structure and Firm Performance : New Indian Evidence in a Unique Regulatory Enviornment,

2015, WorkingPaper: Dividend, Minority Shareholders, Legal Protection, and Firm Value : Evidence from Singapore,


2016, Conference-Attended: Dividend, Minority Shareholders, Legal Protection, And Firm Value: Evidence From Singapore, Venue: University of London

2016, Conference-Conducted: Credit Rating and Beyond, Venue: XIMB

2016, Conference-Attended: Excessive Corporate Liquidity and Stock Return: Evidence from Indian Business Environment , Venue: IIM - Ahmedabad

Work Experience


a) Institute: Xavier Institute of Management -Bhubaneswar
Professor of Finance (2015 - )

b) Institute: International Management Institute – Bhubaneswar
Designation : Professor (Full Time)
Duration: December, 2014 –February, 2015

c) Institute: Institute of Management Technology (IMT)-Ghaziabad
Designation: Professor (Full Time)
Duration: June 2009-September 2014 (over 5 years)

d) Institute: IFIM Business School, Bangalore
Designation: Professor (Full Time)Duration: September 2008-May 2009
e) Institute: Institute Management Technology, Nagpur
Designation: Professor (Full Time)
Duration: April 2008-August 2008

f) Institute: Institute Management Technology, Nagpur
Designation: Associate Professor (Full Time)
Duration: April 2007-March 2008


a) Institute : Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Duration: February-April, 2014

b) Institute : Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Designation: Guest Faculty
c) Institute : Institute of Management Technology, Dubai
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Year: 2012

d) Institute : University of Warsaw, Poland
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Year: 2010

e) Institute : Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Duration: 2001-2005 (PGDM and PGDCM programmes), and 2005-2006 PGDBM (Off-campus)

f) Institute : Globsyn Business School, Calcutta
Designation: Visiting Faculty
Duration: 2002-2004

Practicing Chartered Accountant (1989-2007)


Traveling and Reading