Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya

Assistant Professor, Sustainability
M.Sc. ; Ph.D.
School: Xavier School of Sustainability (XSOS)
Phone:(0674) 2377755
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Teaching Interests

Natural Resource Management
International Environmental Laws and Institutions
Climate Change - Mitigation, Modelling and Life Cycle Analysis
Corporate Sustainability
BI & Data Analytics

Research Interests

Coastal and estuarine bio-geochemistry
Eco-toxicology of harmful algal bloom
Phytoplankton community dynamics and succession (pigment chemo-taxonomy)
Validation of ocean colour sensor
Climate change and anthropogenic impact on aquatic ecosystem

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator of UG outbound learning program - E4L? (Nov 2016 - Present)

Member in Editorial Board

Member IJDSR (XIMB Journal)

Other Membership

Coordinator UNSDSN (United Nation Sustainable Development Solutions Network) of XUB

Research & Publications


2014, JOURNAL: Contrasting phytoplankton community structure and associated light absorption characteristics of the western Bay of Bengal, Springer Verlag, germany

2013, JOURNAL: Impact of atmospheric and physical forcings on biogeochemical cycling of dissolved oxygen and nutrients in the coastal Bay of Bengal, Springer Japan

2013, JOURNAL: Intensified oxygen minimum zone on the western shelf of Bay of Bengal during summer monsoon: Influence of river discharge, Springer Japan

2012, JOURNAL: Reduced river discharge intensifies phytoplankton bloom in Godavari estuary, India, Elsevier BV, Netherlands

2011, JOURNAL: High CO2 emissions from the tropical Godavari estuary (India) associated with monsoon river discharges, Wiley-Blackwell

2011, JOURNAL: The response of a natural phytoplankton community from the Godavari River Estuary to increasing CO2 concentration during the pre-monsoon period, Elsevier BV, Netherlands

2011, JOURNAL: Impact of salinity and pH on phytoplankton communities in a tropical freshwater system: An investigation with pigment analysis by HPLC., Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands

2010, JOURNAL: Stress and toxicity of biologically important transition metals (Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) on phytoplankton in a tropical freshwater system: An investigation with pigment analysis by HPLC, Elsevier Ltd. UK

2009, JOURNAL: Influence of river discharge on plankton metabolic rates in the tropical monsoon driven Godavari estuary , India, Elsevier,United States

#Book Chapter

2018, Chapter: Environmental Pollution of Paddy Soils, Springer, Switzerland

2018, Chapter: Energy, Peace and Global Governance, Xavier University Press, India


2019, Conference-Attended: Xavier AI Summit, Venue: XUB

2018, Conference-Attended: Social Norms-Health and Sanitation of Girl Child: Exploring Opportunities and Options, Venue: XUB

2018, Conference-Attended: Sustainability Disruptions for Mitigating Global Risks, Venue: XUB

2018, Seminars-Talks: Utilization of National Information System for Climate and Environmental Studies (NICES) and its Data Products, Venue: IMMT Bhubaneswar, Sponsored by NRSC (ISRO)

2017, Conference-Attended: Celebrating Innovation in Health and Sustainable Development, Venue: MDC, XIMB Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department Govt. of Odisha

2017, Conference-Attended: 16th Edition of Foundation Day Lecture on 'Environment & Progress: Issues & Challenges', Venue: Nalco Bhavan Auditorium

2017, Seminars-Talks: A state level programme on sensitization on ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT under ZED mission, GoI, Venue: CTTC, Bhubaneswar sponsored by Quality Council of Indi and CTTC

2017, Seminars-Talks: 'Challenges and opportunities of Dolphin based ecotourism in Satapada, Odisha' under the theme - Popultaion, Environment and SUstainable Development, Venue: Ravenshaw University, Cuttack

2017, Conference-Attended: ‘Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management Basin’, Venue: Jointly organized by OEC, HDF-cDAR & XUB

2016, Seminars-Talks: Trends of Climate: Challenges for Humanity, Venue: Berhampur City College (Ganjam), Sponsored by UGC

2016, Seminars-Talks: XUB Sustainabilty Summit-2016 ; Energy, Peace and Global Governance, Venue: XUB

2016, Conference-Attended: Children's Environment Congress, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Sponsored by Wipro Earthian

2015, Conference-Attended: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, People and Biodiversity; A Conversation with Businesses to enhance Conservation along the East Coast of India, Venue: Bhubaneswar


2019, Training-Attended: Water, Water Purification and Sustainability Workshop (WWPS), Venue: Ibis Hotel Kolkata, Sponsored by Merck,ADO, Analytic Jena & IISER Kolkata

2019, FDP-Attended: Case pedagogy as a learning tool, Venue: XIMB in collaboration with HBP

2018, Training-Conducted: Fulbright Specialist Workshop on the Theme 'Remote Sensing in Earth System Sceince', Venue: Xavier School of Sustainability, sponsored by the US Department of State

2018, FDP-Attended: Case Method Teaching Seminar, Part I, Venue: New Academic Block, XIMB

2018, Training-Attended: Embedding thinking of Social Norms in development work, Venue: NIRD - Hyderabad, Sponsored by UNICEF

2018, Training-Conducted: Mastering data analysis by using Advanced Microsoft Excel and VBA Macro, Venue: Sponsored by the Reasearch Promotioon Cell, GMU

2018, FDP-Attended: Case Writing Workshop delivered by Prof. Craig Lee Davis (Ohio University, USA) Prof. Michael Joseph Stellern (Rockhurst University, USA) , Venue: XIMB

2018, Training-Attended: SPSS Training Prpgram, Venue: XUB

2017, Training-Attended: Workshop on - Structure,Analysis and Usefulness of NSSO data in Health, Venue: Indian Institute of Public Health Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar

2017, Training-Attended: TQM, Lean Six Sigma & IPR, Venue: Bhubanewar

2017, Training-Attended: Expert committe meeting on 'Climate Change and Sustainable Development ' Certificate Course, Venue: Bhubanewar

2017, Training-Attended: A state level programme on DLSAH Quality Trust Award sensitization and ZERO DEFECT ZERO EFFECT under ZED mission of the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme, Venue: Central Tool Room & Training Centre , Bhubaneswar

2017, Training-Attended: Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training programme, Venue: CTTC, Bhubaneswar

2017, Training-Attended: One-day Training Program on MS O365 and Cloud Computing Technology, Venue: Xavier City Campus, Computer Lab

2017, Training-Attended: Roundtable on 'Sustainable Diabetic Footcare, Venue: SCB Medical College Cuttack, sponsored by WIPRO Erathian

2017, Training-Attended: Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships Mentoring Workshop, Venue: Conference Hall at Xavier University Bhubaneswar

2017, Training-Attended: Parivarthan 17 Sustainability Business Conclave, Venue: XIMB

2017, Training-Conducted: 'Citing and Referencing What? Where?How', Venue: Sponsored by Research promotion cell GM University, Sambalpur

2017, FDP-Attended: "Teaching to Learn and Learning to Lead", Venue: Xavier University, Bhubanneswar

2016, Training-Attended: Sustainabilty Action, Learning and Teaching, Venue: XIMB, WIPRO

2016, Training-Conducted: Capacity Building Training Programme on Leadership for Principals, Venue: Gopalpur-On-Sea, Sponsored by RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan) - MHRD

2016, Training-Attended: Skills for Air Quality Management (SAQM), Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Sponsored by United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF)

2016, Training-Conducted: Innovation in Government - Phase -1, Venue: MDC @ XIMB, Sponsored by Planning and Coonvergence Department, Govt. Of Odisha

2016, Training-Conducted: Innovation in Government - Phase -2, Venue: MDC @ XIMB, Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. Of Odisha

2016, Training-Conducted: Innovation in Government - Phase -3, Venue: MDC @ XIMB, Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. Of Odisha

2016, Training-Conducted: Innovation in Government - Phase -4, Venue: MDC @ XIMB, Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. Of Odisha

2016, Training-Attended: Inequality and Human Development in Odisha: Exploring Status and Strategies, Venue: MDC @ XIMB, Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department, Govt. Of Odisha

2016, Training-Attended: Certificate course on ‘Life Cycle Assessment using GaBi Software, Venue: Xavier School of Sustainability

2016, Training-Conducted: Certificate Course in Infrastructure Management (Specialization in waste and water management), Venue: Xavier School of Rural Management, Xavier University Bhubaneswar

2015, Training-Attended: Sustainable CSR Practices_Shared Ideas, Venue: Bhubaneswar

Projects / Consultancy

2020, Phyto-health - An investigation of phytoplankton functional type, photo acclimation and grazing dynamics in the Chilika lagoon: A pigment chemotaxonomy approach, Client: Science and Engineering Research Board (Statutory Body Established Through an Act of Parliament : SE, Status: On-going

Work Experience

After completing his masters in Environmental Science, Dr. Acharyya pursued his doctoral studies in Oceanography from Andhra University as a CSIR Shyama Prasad Mukherjee fellow. He has more than 8 years of research experience in estuarine and coastal biogeochemistry in the western Bay of Bengal and Godavari estuary, a major river of East Coast of India. He has published several articles in various international journals with high impact factor. He was selected as Dr. Kothari Post – Doctoral fellow, a fellowship scheme of UGC in the subject category of Earth and Ocean Sciences, February 2015. Before joining Xavier School of Sustainability, he had served as a subject matter expert of Marine Geospatial Sciences in IIC Technologies.


Post-doc research at Plymouth Marine Laboratory ,UK
Doctorate , School of Chemistry, Andhra University, India
One year Pre-PhD from School of Environmental Science, JNU, New Delhi
M.Sc. in Environmental Science, University of Kalyani , WB, India


Completed online courses with statement of accomplishment

- Climate Change Program COP21 (Centre for United Nations; Aug 2016)

- Water in a thirsty world (Open 2 Study; 24 May,2016)

- Strategic Management (Open 2 Study; 24 May,2016)

- Innovation for powerful outcome (Swinburne University of Technology; 09 Feb,2016)

- Energy and the Earth (University of Wisconsin–Madison; 27 Jul,2015)

- Climate Change Science and Negotiations (UNSDG Academy: Jun 2015)

- Our Earth: Its Climate, History, and Processes (University of Manchester; 11 Mar,2015)

- Organizing and sharing with Onenote (Microsoft Virtual Academy; Apr 2014)

- MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint (GCF Learn Free; Apr 2014)


Reading, Nature walk