Prof. Sutapa Pati

Associate Professor, Sustainability

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Administrative Responsibilities

Co-ordinator, University Student Affairs & Disciplinary Committee (2017-18)

Member in Editorial Board

Vilakshan: The XIMB Journal of Management

Research & Publications


2018, JOURNAL: Roads near Schools and their Design Safety Analysis of an Indian City, RCUES, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Govt of India

2017, JOURNAL: Socio-Technical Drivers for Community Renewable Energy Systems Analysis of Case Studies from India, Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE)

#Book Chapter

2019, Chapter: Research into Design for a Connected World Proceedings of ICoRD 2019 Volume 1, SpringerLink Switzerland


2019, Conference-Attended: 7th International Conference on Research Into Design (ICoRD 2019), Venue: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

2018, Conference-Attended: International Conference on Sustainability and Business [SUSBUS 2018], Venue: IIM Kolkata

2018, Seminars-Talks: Development while fighting Climate Change: how do we fare? , Venue: Bhawanipatana

2017, Seminars-Talks: Is CSR spending reaching the most vulnerable, Venue: Bhubaneswar


2016, Training-Attended: 3 Day Training Programme in Gurgaon from 19th to 21st October 2016, Venue: Gurgaon

2016, Training-Conducted: 2 Day Workshop on Sustainability Action, Learning and Teaching (SALT), Venue: XIMB, Wipro

Projects / Consultancy

2017, , Client: LOYOLA COLLEGE CHICAGO, Status: Completed