Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor, General Management & Rural Finance
Fellow (IRMA), MPhil (IIFM, Bhopal), MA (Sambalpur)
School: Xavier School of Rural Management (XSRM)
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Teaching Interests

Managerial Analysis, Microfinance, Rural Financial Institutions and Services, Research Methods, Financing Agricultural value chains

Research Interests

Policy, Livelihoods, Management of Not-for-Profits, Rural Finance

Administrative Responsibilities

Member of Placement Committee, XSRM-level AACSB committee

Research & Publications


2018, JOURNAL: Governance of agricultural value chains: Coordination, control and safeguarding, Elsevier, Netherlands

2018, JOURNAL: Does impact assessment meet stakeholder expectation: case study of POSCO project in Odisha, Taylor and Francis, UK

2017, JOURNAL: Poverty Alleviation in Bihar: Alternative Views (Discussion Note), Sameeksha Trust, India

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2011, Book: Management and Impact of Watershed Development Projects in Gujarat: A Study of Implementation Processes and Outcomes, Sarabrucken (Germany): VDM Verlag Dr Muller & Co. KG, ISBN: 9783639370355, Germany

#Book Chapter

2017, Chapter: Rethinking Tribe in Indian Context: Realities, Issues & Challenges (Eds. B. K. Das and R. K. Das), Rawat Publications, Jaipur, India

2010, Chapter: New Generation Initiatives in Agri-based Livelihoods’ in Datta, S and V Sharma (Eds) State of India’s Livelihood Report 2010, New Delhi: Sage Publications, India

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2016, Case: Sikshasandhan: Funding Challenges and Mission Drift, Singapore: World Scientific

2009, Case: ARAVALI, Vikalpa, India

#Working Paper

2017, WorkingPaper: Evolving Space of Knowledge in Rural Management,

2017, WorkingPaper: Developing Institutions for Common Pool Resource Management: A Qualitative Study ,


2019, Conference-Attended: National Conference on Rural Management Education, Venue: Hyderabad

2018, Conference-Attended: Does IA meet Stakeholder Expectation, Venue: Durban

2018, Conference-Attended: Celebrating Commons Scholarship, Venue: Georgetown University Law Centre, Washingtown DC

2017, Conference-Attended: Problem of Matching Grant in Financing Cluster Development, Venue: Bhubaneswar

2017, Seminars-Talks: Seminar cum workshop on Collective Marketing, Venue: KVIC implementing partners

2017, Conference-Conducted: Towards a diversified food system: Emerging opportunities in Odisha, Venue: TCI-TARINA


2018, FDP-Attended: Multivariate Data Analysis , Venue: IIM Kozhikode

2017, Training-Conducted: Seminar -cum-workshop on Collective Marketing, Venue: KVIC

Projects / Consultancy

2018, SFURTI -Technical Agency Support, Client: KVIC, Status: On-going

2018, Impact Assessment of IFF and IHP, Client: GIZ, New Delhi, Status: On-going

2017, National Level Monitoring (NLM) of Rural Development Projects, Client: MoRD, Govt of India, Status: Completed

Work Experience

20 years experience in academics, industry and development organizations