Faculty Details

Dr. Sanjay Mohapatra

Professor, Information Systems
B.E., M.Tech., MBA, Ph.D
Home Page:ximb.academia.edu/sanjaymohapatra www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaymohapatra

Teaching Interests

IT Strategy, Business Process Automation, MIS, Knowledge Management in Knowledge Economy, Business Process Re-engineering

Visiting Faculty at 1. Université Catholique d'Afrique Centrale Yaounde (Cameroun); 2. Antwerp Management School, Belgium; 3. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Business Process Automation, IT enabled Strategy, Information System, Knowledge Management in Knowledge Economy

Administrative Responsibilities

Co-ordinator, Information System Area
Member, Placement Committee,
Member, Alumni Committee,
Member, Scientific Committe

Member in Editorial Board

Editor in European Conference in Information System, Barcelona (ECIS 2012)
Editor, International Journal of Information Processing and Management),
Editor, International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing,
Editor in Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
Editor in International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology
Editor, International Journal of Information Processing and Management.
Editor, International Journal of Data Science
Editor, International Journal of IT/Business Alignment and Governance
Editor, International Journal of Healthcare Management

Research & Publications


2018, JOURNAL: Empirical research on the adoption and diffusion of e-commerce portals, Inderscience, UK,Link

2018, JOURNAL: Making online courses free for everyone - an empirical study to determine the feasibility, Inderscience, UK,Link

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#Book Chapter

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2012, Conference-Attended: Integrating academic processes to meet the challenges of the business, Venue:

2012, Conference-Attended: Role of technology in co-operative farming, Venue:

2012, Conference-Attended: Achieving competitive advantage through effective Information System Design – A Case study on a SME in the Manufacturing Sector in India, Global Strategies for an Emergent India, Venue:

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2001, Conference-Attended: Improving productivity through Metrics Analysis, Venue:


2015, FDP-Attended: Strategic Change Management, Venue: XIMB, Noida

Projects / Consultancy

2012, Designing Information System for monitoring performance against business goals for UTKALIKA, Client: UTKALIKA, Odisha Government, Status: Completed

2009, Education Consulting, Client: Ravenshaw University, Status: Completed

2009, Feasibility report for technical education, Client: Gurukula Foundation, Status: Completed

2009, Need based assessment of training, Client: India Post, Status: Completed

2008, Infrastructure development (computer department), Client: Ravenshaw University, Status: Comleted

Work Experience

From To Position Organization
July ‘07 Present Faculty Xavier Institute of Management, BBSR
Visiting Faculty at Catholic University of Yaonde, IIT Kanpur, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
May ‘05 July ‘07 Vice President J & B Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Dec ‘03 Mar ‘05 Vice President Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
Nov ‘97 Dec ‘03 Manager Infosys Technologies Limited
Nov ‘96 Nov ‘97 Senior Consultant PriceWaterhouse? Coopers Pvt. Ltd.
Aug ‘93 Nov ‘96 Senior Consultant Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.
Jul ‘86 May ‘91 Engineer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited