Prof. Sandip Anand

  Professor, Marketing
  School: Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)
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Educational Qualifications


Teaching Interests

Doctoral-level Courses
Exploratory Research Methodology and research methods

MBA-level Courses
Product and Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing to consumers at the Bottom of Pyramid, Indigenous Marketing Theories, Consumer Insight Mining, Marketing Management, Marketing research, Advanced data analysis techniques.

Executive Education and training
Apart from teaching in various master's programs for executives, he has provided training to executives from JK paper, Infosys, Mahindra FES, Paradeep Phosphates, SBI and a few other organizations.

Research Interests

Doctoral Thesis Examination
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, University of Allahabad, Indian Institute of Management Shillong;

Doctoral Guidance

1. Shashisekar M.S. Ph.D. 2020. Determinants of new product performance: A context of smart connected products.(Guide and Chair,Thesis Advisory Committee).

Manager, Eaton Corporation

2. Md Washim Raja. 2019: Multi-Item Scale Construction to Measure Consumers’ Attitude toward Advertising Music ( Guide and Chair,Thesis Advisory Committee).

Post Doctoral Fellow, MICA, Ahmedabad

3. Atul Singh Chauhan. Ph.D., 2018 : A Study of Consumer Attitude towards Social Media and Shared Brand Experience. (Guide and Chair,Thesis Advisory Committee).

Assistant Professor, Delhi School of Business, New Delhi

4 . Sumitra Balakrishnan.Ph.D. in Progress. Thesis Proposal Title:To speak up and to whom: Understanding the role of alter advice network centrality in informal team networks (Co-Guide and Member,Thesis Advisory Committee).

5. Roopambika Bharti. Ph.D., 2018: A Study on Performance of Firms: Context of Indian Business Groups (Member, Thesis Advisory Committee)

6. Mahendra Kumar Shukla. Ph.D., 2017: Role of Dealer-Manufacturer Intimacy in Marketing Channels: A Dealer's Perspective. (Member, Thesis Advisory Committee)

Assistant Professor of Marketing, NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad

7. Upendra Kumar Maurya. Ph.D., 2015: Corporate Identity, Customer Orientation, and Performance of SMEs: An Empirical Investigation. (Member, Thesis Advisory Committee)

Assistant Professor of Marketing (Formerly), Indian Institute of Technology Madras

8. Dillip Kumar Rath. Ph.D. in Progress. Thesis Proposal Title: Information Privacy Concern towards Electronic Record Systems in India (Member, Thesis Advisory Committee)

Education and Training

His doctoral dissertation was part of a joint research program between International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai and Johns Hopkins University, USA . He has participated in training programs by experts from Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University and World Bank India (XIM in collaboration with World Bank Institute), Asian Institute of Management, Manila (XLRI-AIM), York University (IIM Lucknow), at PAA (see details on PAA website hosted by Princeton University). Recently he attended the TCR-MPPC 2015 workshop in Washington on June 4, 2015.

Awards and Grants

He has received grants from William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Population Association of America, Transformative Consumer Research/ American Marketing Association. He is K. Srinivasan Award recipient, the best paper award conferred by Indian association for the study of population in November 2014.He was a government of India fellow for his postgraduate studies in demography.

Seminars and talks

He has presented his work in different forums which includes Population Association of America meeting (for details see PAA website hosted by Princeton University), Villanova University, Guttmacher Institute New York, American Marketing Association, St. Louis University Madrid, ESCP Paris, IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Bombay, and IIM Lucknow.

Challenges of The Twenty First Century A Trans-disciplinary Perspective

He organized international conference on demography, culture, and marketing in 2010 wherein he collaborated with scholars from SAID Business School, University of Oxford, Stanford University, National University of Singapore, Purdue University, Ohio State University, ICF International, Babson College, DAIICT Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, IIT Khargapur, and other reputed institutions in India and abroad. The outcome of this collaboration is an edited book titled as Challenges of The Twenty First Century A Trans-disciplinary Perspective, published by Macmillan. Co-editors are Ibha Kumar and Anjula Srivastava.

Administrative Responsibilities

Founding Associate Dean (Doctoral Programs), Xavier University Bhubaneswar, July 2014 to June 2016
Member, Academic Council, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, July 2014 to June 2016
Coordinator, Doctoral Program Committee, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, July 2014to June 2016
Founding coordinator, Fellow program in management and research committee, July 2011-June 2014
Member, Academic Committee, XIMB, May 1, 2009 -2013
Member, Library Advisory Committee, XIMB, 2007 -2012, and June 1, 2013-till date
Member, PGDM-BM Program Committee, May 1, 2012
Coordinator, Marketing Academic Area, XIMB, May 1, 2009- May 31, 2013
Coordinator, Branding Committee, XIMB, 2010
Member, Committee for Suggesting Norms for Conferring Honorary Fellowships, January 2012
Member, Committee for the Categorization of Journals and Books, January 2011
Member, Management Development Program Committee, XIMB, 2009-2010
Member, Committee for Hospital Management program, XIMB, 2008
Panel Member, PGP Admission Test (MI-CAT) Design Committee, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, 2005–2006

Seminar series organization @ XIMB, XUB (2011-till date)

In collaboration with colleagues at XIM, he has organized various seminars by scholars from New York University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of Queensland, Queen Mary University of London, Deakin University Australia, University of Washington , University of Manchester, JNU, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and other reputed organizations.

Member in Editorial Board

Member, SAJHRM (South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management) Board of Reviewers, May 2017 onwards
Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Medical Informatics, 2017
Chairperson, Scientific Committee, International Conference on Demography, Culture and Marketing, 2010
Member, Scientific Committee, ESCP Europe- International Marketing Trends 2011
Member, Advisory Committee, XIMB-XLRI- TISS Conference on Resettlement and Rehabilitation, April 10-12, 2012.
Member, Organizing Committee, XIMB-TISS Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, February 9-11, 2012.
Member, Organizing Committee, IASSH (Indian Association of Social Sciences and Health)-XIMB Conference, 2007-2008
Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Marketing (A Scopus listed journal)
Member, Editorial Advisory Committee, Research World, 2015 onwards

Other Membership

Member,American Marketing Association (AMA)- 2010 -till date
Member,Population Association of America (PAA)-2009-2011
Member, National Academy of Psychology (NAOP)
Life-time Member, IASP
Life-time Member,IASSH

Research & Publications

# Journal

2020, JOURNAL: How Ad Music Attitude-Based Consumer Segmentation Can Help Advertisers, Haworth Press USA (Taylor and Francis)

2019, JOURNAL: The Impact of Proficiency of Marketing Activities and Value Proposition Innovation on New Intelligent Products' Performance, IJM India

2019, JOURNAL: Advertising music: an alternative atmospheric stimulus to retail music, Emerald Publishing Limited: UK

2018, JOURNAL: Multi-item scale construction to measure consumers’ attitude toward advertising music, Taylor & Francis : UK

2018, JOURNAL: Book Review: R.C. Tripathi and Rohit Dwivedi (Eds), Organisational Studies in India, SAGE

2016, JOURNAL: The Attitude of Indian Youth Toward Nutrition: Factors, Segments, and Implications, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group: United Kingdom

2015, Journal: Corporate identity, customer orientation and performance of SMEs: Exploring the linkages , Elsevier

2013, Journal: Brand Dynomo: Challenges in Communication for OTC Branding, Vilakshan (A XIMB Journal). Vol. 10(1), March 2013.

2013, Journal: Women Consumer Segments of Health Services in Urban India: A Reflection on “Sense of Service” in Service Industry, SAGE, India

2012, Journal: Understanding Paradigm of Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare through an Empirical Study in India, Demography India, IASP

2012, Journal: Review of Rethinking the MBA by Datar et al, Vilakshan, XIMB Journal of Management, India

2012, Journal: Review of Fighting Poverty Together, International Journal of Rural Management.

2011, Journal: Quality of Care differentials and determinants of reproductive health service utilization in India, International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance

2010, Journal: Understanding Factors Related To Voting For Reality Shows: A Framework of Cognitive Intermediation, Indian Journal of Marketing (A Scopus listed Journal)

2009, Journal: A Cognitive Just Brand Model: How Sustainable Is It?, Indian Journal of Marketing (A Scopus listed journal)

2009, Journal: Cultural Identities and inequality in consumption of health services, Psychological Studies. Vol 54 (4). Springer.

2008, Journal: Ad Avoidance in Hair Care market: Reiteration of Need for Consumer Justice, Indian Journal of Marketing (A Scopus listed journal)

2007, Journal: Communicating Care in Insulin Therapy, Journal of Health Management, Sage

2006, Journal: Integrating Local and Global Knowledge through ICT: Implications for Rural Business and Development :, IIMB Management Review, Volume 18, Number 1 March, 2006

2005, Journal: Myths in Healthcare, Journal of Health and Development, Vol 2 No. 1&2.

# Book

2011, Book: Challenges of the twenty first century- A trans-disciplinary perspective, Macmillan

# Book Edited

2017, BookEdit: Green Initiatives for Business Sustainability and Value Creation, IGI USA

# Book Chapter

2017, Chapter: Green Initiatives for Business Sustainability and Value Creation, IGI USA

2012, Chapter: Meta organizational issues related to Public-Private Partnerships in Reproductive Health Care: Is agenda for access to health for poor clients clearly set In book Poverty and Social Exclusion, Rawat Publications Editor: Aparajita Chattopadhyay

2011, Chapter: Health Services in India A Reflection on Inequality in a book Challenges of the Twenty First Century- A Trans-Disciplinary Perspective (Ed: Anand, S., Kumar, I., and Srivastava, A), Macmillan India

2009, Chapter: G-Branding and Sustainability of Corporations, Macmillan Advanced Research Series.,Link

2009, Chapter: Rural Brand Preference Determinants in India, Excel Book (Book edited by Sanal Kumar Velayudhan, Guda Sridhar. Title of the book:Marketing to rural consumers : understanding and tapping the rural market potential. 2009. 1st Edition. Excel Books. New Delhi .pp 260-265)

2008, Chapter: e-microfinance: A cognitive Just rural brand model, Alliance Publisher: New Delhi

# Working Paper

2013, WorkingPaper: Analysis of consumer feedback on brands in social media space: A market-wise comparison, IIM Ahmedabad

2012, WorkingPaper: Limits to transparency in Corporate Communication: A Reflection on need to embrace sacred in secular space of B-Schools, IPAM The Marketing School


2020, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): International Conference on “Global Trends in Business Practices and Management Education” on 24-25 January, 2020, Venue: Birla Global University Bhubaneswar, Birla Global University

2019, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): Creating Public Awareness and Engagement throgh Communication, Venue: IIT Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

2019, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): MAGIC: Behavioural Aspects /Nudge/Bias/Influence , Venue: IIT Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

2019, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): National Association of Psychology, Venue: Pondicherry University, Department of Applied Psychology

2018, Seminars-Talks (Chaired-Conducted): Advertising Endorsement, Venue: School of Business Jiangnan University China, International Journal of Advertising The 2018 International Advertising and Branding Conference

2018, Seminars-Talks (Chaired-Conducted): Advertising Modeling/Branding Theory, Venue: School of Business Jiangnan University China, International Journal of Advertising The 2018 International Advertising and Branding Conference

2018, Seminars-Talks (Chaired-Conducted): Invited to present a paper entitled "Sustainable Advertising Orientation and Consumer Wellbeing: an Experiment with Music in Advertising", Venue: School of Business Jiangnan University China, International Journal of Advertising The 2018 International Advertising and Branding Conference

2018, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): MUSIC IN MARKETING: A PEDAGOGY AND CURRICULUM, Venue: SPJIMR, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Asia Conference The 8th PRME Asia Forum

2018, Seminars-Talks (Chaired-Conducted): DESIGN THINKING IN MANAGEMENT, Venue: SPJIMR Mumbai, The 8th PRME Asia Forum

2018, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): Sustainable Advertising Orientation and Consumer Wellbeing: an Experiment with Music in Advertising, Venue: School of Business Jiangnan University China, International Journal of Advertising The 2018 International Advertising and Branding Conference

2018, Seminars-Talks (Chaired-Conducted): Design Thinking in Management, Venue: SPJIMR, Mumbai, The 8th PRME Asia Forum: 13th-14th December, 2018**


2017, Conference-Attended (Participant): Annual Conference of Emerging Markets Conference Board, Venue: IIM Lucknow Noida Campus, IIM Lucknow

2017, Conference-Attended (Participant): 7th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies, Venue: IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Ahmedabad

2013, Conference-Attended (): Understanding corporate identity of SMEs: Conceptualization and preliminary construction of scale, Venue: ,

2012, Conference-Attended (): Expression of Consumer Identity through Complaints, Venue: ,

2012, Conference-Attended (): Corporate Identity, Customer Orientation, and Market Performance: Exploring the linkages, Venue: ,

2011, Conference-Attended (): An Empirical Evaluation of G-Branding through Consumer Connect Index in Rural India. , Venue: ,

2010, Conference-Attended (): Inequality in Consumption of Reproductive Health Services in India: A Longitudinal Assessment. , Venue: ,

2010, Conference-Attended (): Understanding Paradigm of Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare through an Empirical Study in India., Venue: ,

2010, Conference-Attended (): Cognitive Justice for Consumers: Mediation through Efficiency of Information Exchanges., Venue: ,

2009, Conference-Attended (): Segmentation of Clients in India on the basis of Reproductive Health Welfare Index. , Venue: ,

2008, Conference-Attended (): Collaborations in Reproductive Health Care Sector and Meta Organizational Challenges., Venue: ,

2007, Conference-Attended (): Interplay of Interests in a Reproductive Health Meta Organization., Venue: ,

Training / Workshop / Faculty Development Program

2018, Training-Conducted: Doctoral Colloquium: RESPONDING TO VALUES THROUGH RESEARCH PRACTICE , Venue: SPJIMR Mumbai

Projects / Consultancy

2015, Marketing research based consultancy, Client: Corporate, Status: Completed

Directorial / Advisory Position

Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Medical Informatics,IJMI,Duration: 6-2-2017 to till date

Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Marketing,IJM,Duration: 3-10-2009 to Till date

Member, Board of Reviewers, South Asian Journal of Human Resources Management,Sage Publications,Duration: 1-5-2017 to Till date

Member, Board of Examiners, University of Allahabad,Psychology Department Prayagraj,Duration: 1-5-2019 to till date

Member, Thesis Examination Panel, IIM Shillong,Shillong,Duration: 19-11-2018 to 12-07-2019

Member, Thesis Examination Panel, IIT Kharagpur,Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,Duration: 8-4-2019 to 11-06-2019

Member, Board of Studies, Xavier Institute of Social Service Ranchi,XISS Ranchi,Duration: 13-5-2019 to 2021

Work Experience


Religion, Philosophy, Ancient cultures, popular art forms and music.
He generated interest in the above as an undergraduate student of philosophy at University of Allahabad (A university popularly known as Oxford of the East) before turning to psychology, demography, and marketing.