Faculty Details

Dr. C. Shambu Prasad

Professor, General Management & Development Strategy
PhD (IIT Delhi), MS (by Research) IIT Madras, BTech IIT Madras
Phone:0674-6647740(o), 876(r), 2302580 (R)
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Teaching Interests

Rural environment and public policies, Innovation management, social entrepreneurship, ecosystem and sustainability management, networking and advocacy

Research Interests

Innovation management, policy studies, public systems management, science technology and society studies (STS), social and institutional development, agroecology and sustainable development, insitutional studies (including institutional learning and change)..

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator, Rural Management area (2009-2011)
Coordinator, Rural management programme (2008-09), 2011-12
Coodinator, Library Services (2006-2009)

Member in Editorial Board

Academic Review Committee of International Association for Study of Commons (IASC) 2011
Editorial board of Research World
Reviewer for Environmental Science and Policy, Innovation Journal

Other Membership

Advisory Board of Grassroutes a responsible rural tourism company
Trustee and Anchor person of KICS forum www.kicsforum.net, moderator of e-groups on livelihoods, SRI and KICS

Research & Publications


2015, Journal: A Green Economy of Permanence: Innovation Insights from Grassroots Knowledge, TERI Institute India

2014, Journal: Revisting Science's Social Contract, Seminar

2014, Journal: Revisiting Sustainable Livelihoods: Insights from Implementation Studies in India., Sage

2013, Journal: Political Economy of Uncaring Understanding Farmer Suicides, Economic and Political Weekly

2013, Journal: Upscaling SRI: Unpacking innovation, investments and institutions, AME Foundation for LEISA

2013, Journal: innovation in development organisations: An Indian perspective, Development and Learning in Organisations

2012, Journal: Public Involvement in Science and Technology: The Case for A New Social Contract, International Journal of Social and Economic Research

2009, Journal: Coping with Complexity, Seminar spl issue on Agrarian Transformations, March 2009

2009, Journal: Conversations on Knowledge and Democracy: Fables from SRI, Seminar Spl issue on 'Knowledge in Question'

2008, Journal: Learning alliances for poverty reduction, Capacity Netherlands

2008, Journal: Transforming Impact Assessment: Beginning The Quiet Revolution of Institutional Learning And Change, Experimental Agriculture

2008, Journal: Knowledge, Democracy and Science Policy: The Missing Dialogue in Globalised India, Icfai University Journal of Governance and Public Policy

2007, Journal: Rethinking innovation and development: Insights from the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in India , The Innovation Journal

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2005, Journal: Science and Technology in Civil Society: The Innovation Trajectory of Spirulina Algal Technology, Economic and Political Weekly. Oct.1. pp 4363-4372.

2005, Journal: Institutional history of watershed research: The evolution of ICRISAT’s work on natural resources in India, ICRISAT, Journal of SAT Agricultural Research. Vol2(1)

2001, Journal: Towards an Understanding of Gandhian Science, Economic and Political Weekly. Sept. 29. 3721-32.

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2013, Book: Rethinking Universities for Development Intermediaries, Innovation and Inclusion, XIMB and IDRC

2011, Book: Piloting Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Handbook on Science and Technology, KICS with CWS, Univ of Hyderabad and Univ of Maastricht

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2009, Book: Knowledge Swaraj: An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology, KICS, XIMB, CWS, SET DEV, Univ of Maastricht etc.

2008, Book: Strengthening the Learning Alliance: Scaling up Options for SRI in Orissa , Institutional Learning And Change (ILAC) initiative of Bioversity International, WWF ICRISAT and XIMB.

2007, Book: Towards a Learning Alliance: System of Rice Intensification in Orissa , WWF-ICRISAT Dialogue Project on Water, Food and Environment and XIMB

2007, Book: Democracy at the core of S&T: Any chance?, KICS, Univ of Hyderabad

2006, Book: System of Rice Intensification in India: Innovation History and Institutional Challenges, WWF-ICRISAT Dialogue Project on water, food and environment and XIMB

2006, Book: Institutional Learning And Change: A Case Study of the TATA ICRISAT Watershed Project, ICRISAT, Patancheru IPGRI, Rome and CRISP, Patancheru

2005, Book: Institutional history of watershed research: The evolution of ICRISAT’s work on natural resources in India., International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics. Patancheru

2002, Book: ‘Gandhi and Maganlal: Khadi Science and the Gandhian Scientist’. In Bindu Puri ed. Mahatma Gandhi and his Contemporaries, Indian Institute of Advances Studies, Shimla

#Book Chapter

2014, Chapter: Creative dissent and vulnerability in Indian science: A subaltern view, MIT Press. part of a forthcoming volume of MIT Press on Technological Vulnerability edited by Wiebe Bijker, Anique Hommels and Jessica Messman

2012, Chapter: Contesting Agronomy through Creative Dissent: Experiences from India., Routledge and Earthscan

#Working Paper

2012, WorkingPaper: Assessing Social Enterprises: Search for new parameters, Villgro - IDRC

2012, WorkingPaper: Contextualising the Developmental Unviersity in India, XIMB - IDRC


2012, Conference-Attended: Understanding Value, Plurality and Sustainability: Insights from assessing social enterprises in India, Venue:

2012, Conference-Attended: Creating Inclusive Markets For Farmers Through Sustainable Agriculture: Learnings from Dharani FaM Coop Ltd. , Venue:

2012, Conference-Attended: Knowledge Swaraj, Trusteeship and the Social Contract of Science and Society in India, Venue:

2011, Conference-Attended: Knowledge Swaraj, Agriculture and the New Commons: Insights from SRI in India, Venue:

2011, Conference-Attended: Sustaining Transitions and Generating Livelihoods: Lessons from a “Local Production for Local Use” Biodiesel Agro-Booster in Odisha, India , Venue:

2011, Conference-Attended: Interrogating Inclusive Innovation in India: Insights from SRI’, Venue:

2010, Conference-Attended: The New Commons in Agriculture: Lessons from the Margins and SRI in India, Venue:

2010, Conference-Attended: “Mitigating Climate Change through Agroecological Innovations: The Case of System of Rice intensification (SRI)”, Venue:

2010, Conference-Attended: Revisiting Labour Productivity and Subsistence: Insights from System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Orissa, Venue:

2009, Conference-Attended: Can the big learn from the small? Insights on policy dialogue and innovation capacity in SRI in India, Venue:

2009, Conference-Attended: Public Involvement in Science and Technology: The case for a new social contract, Venue:

2009, Conference-Attended: Socialisation of Science, technology and Innovation: Theory and practice in the Indian Community, Venue:

2008, Conference-Attended: Learning Alliances: Emerging Trends in Knowledge Intensive Agriculture, Venue:

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2003, Conference-Attended: The Handloom Sector in the Last Decade: Representations and Challenges, Venue:

2000, Conference-Attended: Reflections on Swadeshi from Khadi Movement and Weavers’ Struggles, Venue:

2000, Conference-Attended: The Archive as the Field: Science in the Khadi Movement’, Venue:

Projects / Consultancy

2015, Livelihoods MANTHAN, Client: Ford Foundation, Status: Ongoing

2015, Innovation for sustainability among micro and small enterprises: Case studies in India, Client: SSHRC with Univ of Guelph, Status: Ongoing

2014, SRI as a socio-technical movement in India, Client: Wageningen University Netherlands, Status: Ongoing

2012, Unviersities and Intermediaries in Inclusive Innovation and Development (UNIID), Client: IDRC, Status: Ongoing

2012, Assessing Social Enterprises: Search for new parameters, Client: KICS for Villgro project, Status: Completed

2011, Sceince Ethics and Technological Responsibility in Developing and Emerging Nations , Client: European Union, Status:

2011, Mapping HR requirements of state rural livelihood missions, Client: Ford Foundation, Status: Ongoing

2010, Knowledge in Civil Society Forum, Client: Centre for World Solidarity, Secunderabad, Status:

2010, Knowledge Intensive Agricultural Systems in India, Client: Bioversity International, Status:

2010, External Review of SRI of SDTT project phase 1, Client: Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Status:

2010, Contextual analysis of institutional environment for intervention by SODI, Client: Madhyam Foundation for SODI, Status: Ongoing

2009, Centre Commissioned External Review on Impact Assessment at ILRI, Client: International Livestock Research Institute, Status:

2008, Concurrent Evaluation of Work Plan, Client: Directorate of Agriculture, Govt of Orissa, Status:

2006, Drivers of Change - Orissa (Agrarian relations and land reforms), Client: GHK International, Status:

2005, Curriculum Development on Innovation management, Client: CRISP - ICRISAT for DFID, Status:

Work Experience

Industry experience, freelance consultant, community researcher, innovation policy analyst and director of a policy research organisation


Sports, music, politics, changemakers