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Dr. Amar KJR Nayak

Professor, General Management & Strategic Management
NABARD Chair Professor

Ph.D.(IIT, Kharagpur), Research Fellow(Kobe University, Japan), MBA(IIM, Bangalore), B.E.(NIT, Rourkela, India)
Phone:+91 674 3983706
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Teaching Interests

Research Methodologies

Strategic Management
International Business
International Management
Indian Multinational Strategy

Non Competitive Strategies
Strategy, System & Sustainability

Research Interests

My research has been in understanding asymmetries in human actions and the antecedent issues of control and freedom. The key assumption of this analysis has been all human actions are either asymmetry generating actions or asymmetry reduction actions.

The prime theme that forms the basis for these research issues has been Sustainability. Arising out of this perspective, my research works have been on contextual understanding of traditional firm design, growth of multinational enterprises, institutional issues, globalization and control, efficiency, and optimal enterprise system design criteria for long-term sustainability in a real world context.

I am currently engaged in issues relating to simultaneous optimization of organizational design and institutional design for sustainability of rural agricultural communities. The toughest research area has been the "Transition Strategies" from the paradigm of competition to the paradigm of cooperation. Although, I enjoy engaging in multiple research methodologies, my prime methodological interest has evolved to Action Research methodology.

For the latest on my research engagement please see: www.navajyoti.org OR http://www.ximb.ac.in/ximb/index.php?id=363

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator, Strategic Management Group, XIMB: 2006-

Coordinator, XIMB-Centre for Case Research: 2005-

Member in Editorial Board

Journal of Case Research

Vilakshan: XIMB Journal of Management

Other Membership

Member, Board of Governors, Academy of International Business-India Chapter, 2005-

Member, Academy of International Business, World, 2005-

Member, Strategic Management Society, 2008-2011

Member, The Historical Society, 2006-

Member, Steering Committe, Panchayati Raj Department, Government of Orissa, 2007-08

Member, Sustainability Trust, 2009-

Research & Publications


2017, JOURNAL: • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Sustainability: The Basis of Competition & Cooperation, DIRECTOR, XIMB

2016, JOURNAL: Internationalization Strategies of Emerging Market Multinationals: A Five M Framework, Sage

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2012, Book: Implementing Community Enterprise System for Sustainability of Rural Agricultural Communities: A Manual, NABARD-XIMB-RBF

2011, Book: Indian Multinationals: The Dynamics of Explosive Growth in a Developing Country Context, Palgrave Macmillan, UK & USA

2008, Book: India in the emerging Global Order (Book), McGraw-Hill Publisher, edited book, 2008

2008, Book: Multinationals in India: FDI and Complementation Strategy in Developing Country (Book), Palgarve-Macmillan, United Kingdom, July 2008 (Reprint for India & South Asia is available now)

2007, Book: 10. Natural Dyeing & Synthetic Dyeing: A comparison of Life Cycle Costing, XIMB-India Canada Environmental Facility

2006, Book: Sustainable Sewage Water Management (Book), Macmillan India Ltd., ISBN-10:1403-93016-3, ISBN-13:978-1403-93016-3

2005, Book: 9. Strategy Spells Success: 25 Years History of National Aluminium Company Limited, NALCO, India

#Book Edited

2012, BookEdit: Management@Grassroots, SFAC-XIMB

#Book Chapter

2017, Chapter: to be entered, NABARD Publication , INDIA

2015, Chapter: Organized Retailing and Agri-Business, Springer, India

2011, Chapter: Globalization, Foreign Capital and development, Regal Publication, New Delhi, India

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2010, Chapter: Foreign Direct Investment: A Review of Literature , Globalization and Sectoral Development (Book), Excel Books

#Working Paper

2011, WorkingPaper: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Sustainability, Sustainability Seminar Series 1.0

2010, WorkingPaper: Optimizing Asymmetries for Sustainability: A Prism for Agriculture and Rural Development in India,

2009, WorkingPaper: Asymmetries and Sustainability, Working Paper - XIMB RTS 7.7

2009, WorkingPaper: Globalization: Framework for Perpetuation of Asymmetries by Traditional Firm on the Marginalized,

2008, WorkingPaper: Variables towards Non Competitive Strategies - A Perspective, Creativity, BMMA, August 2008


2017, Conference-Conducted: First Symposium on Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems: Design & Systems Perspectives, Venue: XIMB

2017, Conference-Attended: An Action Research Project on In-Situ Water Conservation at NSWASS, Bhubaneswar , Venue: INDIA

2017, Conference-Attended: Trust: An Outlook, Venue: INDIA

2017, Conference-Attended: Effect of Firm Size on Performance Leading to Sustainability , Venue: INDIA

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Projects / Consultancy

2013, Optimising Asymmetries in Community Enterprise System for Sustainability of Cooperation in the Community: The Case of Nava Jyoti PC, Client: Rabo Bank Foundation, Netherlands, Status: Ongoing

2013, Baseline Survey on Producer Companies and Natural Farming Practices in India, Client: NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development, Status: Ongoing

2011, Action Research on developing a Sustainable Community Enterprise System, Client: NABARD - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development, Status: Completed

2008, National Consultant for Business Platform and Knowledge Management, Client: FAO, New Delhi - UNO, Status:

2006, Book Manuscript - Sustainable Sewage Water Management: XIMB-CIFA-ICEF Approach, Client: Project Water, CENDERET, XIMB, Status:

2006, Impact Assessment of Quality of Life, Drought Proofing and Poverty Alleviation of the RLTAP schemes of the Government of India in the eight KBK districts of Orissa, India, Client: Comptroller & Auditor General, India, Status:

2005, Manuscript on the history of National Aluminium Company Limited, Client: National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO), Status:

2005, Comparative costing of natural dyeing and synthetic dyeing in India, Client: PDW - ICEF, Status:

0, Attitude Competency (MDP) , Client: J K Paper, NALCO, Super Gas, & Others, Status:

0, Commissioning of Petroleum Storage Facility for ONGC, Gandhar, India, Client: Oil & Natural Gas Commission, India , Status:

0, Commissioning of LLDPE/HDPE Swing Plant for IPCL, Nagothane, Maharastra. India., Client: Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Status:

0, Hazard Prevention Study for petrochemical processing loops, Client: Indian Petrochemical Corporation Limited, Status:

0, Estimation of total demand for speciality chemicals in India, Client: National Chemical Industries Limited, Mumbai, Status:

0, Estimation of total demand for Poly vinyl chloride in the construction industry and agricultural sector, Client: Reliance Industries Limited, Status:

0, Comparative efficiency and cost estimation for PVC, Asbestos, CI & GI pipes in water and sewerage transport systems, Client: Reliance Industries Limited, Status:

0, Alternate Energy Systems: Power generation through Gobar Gas plant for a village of 500 families, Client: Research at Regional Engineering College, Rourkela, Status:

0, Technical Seminar on PVC Pipes for Engineers in the Irrigation Department, Punjab. , Client: Reliance Industries Limited, Status:

0, Technical Seminar on PVC Pipes for Engineers in the Irrigation Department, Uttar Pradesh. , Client: Reliance Industries Limited, Status:

0, Training and Demonstration of using PVC pipes for drinking water , Client: Small Scale PVC Pipes Manufactures in India, Status:

Directorial / Advisory Position

Advisory role in ‘Implementation of the CSP Scheme PKVYin the state during 2016-17’, Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Duration: 21-6-2016 to 21-06-2016

Advisory role in ‘Start ups programme in Agriculture Sector’, Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Duration: 26-7-2016 to 26 July 2016

Advisory role in ‘Start ups programme in Agriculture Sector’, Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Dept. Of Agriculture& Farmers Empowerment, Govt. of Odisha,Duration: 19-8-2016 to 19-08-2016

Advisory role in ‘Input for Recruitment Rules for Design and Management of Agriculture markets and Business Planning and Project Formulation’, CCS National Institute of Agricultural Marketing , Jaipur,CCS National Institute of Agricultural Marketing , Jaipur,Duration: 1-8-2016 to 31-08-2016

Advisory role in Consultative Meet on ‘Organising Short-term Certificate Course on FPO Management for CEOs’, BIRD, Lucknow,BIRD, Lucknow,Duration: 22-2-2016 to 22-02-2016

Work Experience


Principal Investigator, All India Baseline Study on Producer Companies and Integrated Low Organic Agricultural Practices.

Principal Investigator, Action Research to develop a Sustainable Community Enterprise System. Supported by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Govt. of India, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and Sustainability Trust, 2009-11

Principal National Consultant, Food & Agricultural Organization, UNO, New Delhi, Aug-Oct 2008

Consultant, India-Canada Environmental Facility

Consultant, Comptroller and Auditor General, Government of India

Consultant, Sambalpuri Bastralaya Handloom Cooperative Society


Engineer - Operation and Commissioning, Engineers India Limited, New Delhi: 1991-1992

Product Development and Sales - National Organic Chemical Industries Ltd., Mumbai: 1994-1996

Manager - Business Development, Reliance Industries Limited, New Delhi: 1997-2000


Nava Jyoti PC - Community Enterprise System
http://www.ximb.ac.in/ximb/index.php?id=363 OR