Faculty Details

Dr. Bibhu Prasan Patra

Professor, General Management & Strategic Management
MA (Utkal), MPhil (NEHU, Shillong), PhD (IIT Kanpur)
Phone:0674-3983835,9438303194 (Mob)
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Teaching Interests

Applied Ethics:
Business Ethics, International Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Bio-ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR,) Environmental Management System and
Corporate Governance

Research Interests

Present research interest is in the area of Practical Ethics. Besides Business Ethics, widely worked on Bio-Medical Ethics, Development Ethics and Environmental Ethics. Published a book entitled An Introduction to Scientific Method. Presented many papers in the national and international forum. Written several cases on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Administrative Responsibilities

Responsibilities taken before:Coordinator, General Management Area,Member Academic committee, Member Admission Committee,Coordinator Admissions
Current Responsibilities:Member XIMB Journal Committee,Member Library Committee,XIMB PF trustee member, Disciplinary committee

Member in Editorial Board

XIMB, Journal

Other Membership

Other Membership: International Association of Bio–Ethics, Uppsala University Sweden, Institute for Global Ethics | 18 Central Street, Suite 2B | P.O. Box 39 | Rockport | ME | 04856-0039,USA

Research & Publications


2009, Journal: Beyond Whistle blowing: A Case Study on Socrates, Satyandra and Manjunath, Vilakshan, vol. V, issue-1,Link

2009, Journal: Efficiency and Fairness in Capital Market: An Analysis of IPO Scam 2006, Vilakshan,vol. VI,issue-1 ,Link

2007, Journal: Predetermined Mechanism or Discovery Process: A Philosophical Enquiry in to Entrepreneurial Action., Vilakshan,vol. IV,issue-1 ,Link

2007, Journal: Shaping the Moral Foundation for Globalization: Lesson from Indian and Western Philosophy, Vilakshan,vol. IV, issue-2 ,Link

2007, Journal: Value for Virtue, Darshan,Link

2006, Journal: Maruti’s Product Recall: A case of Quality Consciousness and Custmor Care, Vilakshan, vol III, issue -1,Link

2006, Journal: Empowering Society, Vilakshan, vol III, issue -2,Link

2006, Journal: Misconduct in Business(CD), (Audio Visual Teaching Aid),Link

2006, Journal: Shaping the moral Foundation for Global Business: Lessons from Indian and Western Philosoph, Vilakshan,vol. IV,Link

2005, Journal: Teaching Business Ethics: The new Imperative on Business Schools, in Vilakshan, vol II, issue -2,Link

2005, Journal: Insider Trading: The HLL case, Vilakshan,vol. II,Link

2001, Journal: Asian Paints: The Ethical Dimension., . Sankalpa, Vol.IX, no. 2,Link

1991, Journal: Socratic Paradox, Prajna, Vol, 11,Link

1990, Journal: Popper’s Methodology of Social Sciences, Prajna, Vol. 10,Link


2011, Book: Ethics and conduct of Business, Pearson Education, New Delhi ,India,Link

2000, Book: An Introduction to Scientific Method, Elite Publications, Bhubaneswar,Link

#Book Chapter

2010, Chapter: Revisiting Virtue Ethics: Greek and Indian Traditions, Dharma and Ethics:The Indian Ideal of Perfection, D.K.Printing World,New Delhi Editor : Srivastava, D.C. Co-Editor : Boruah, Bijoy H. Edition: 1st Edition ISBN : 8186921516 ,Link

2005, Chapter: Does Anthropocentric View Rest on a Mistake?, In D.C.Srivastava (ed.) Readings in Environmental Ethics: Multidisciplinary Perspective, Rawat Publications, New Delhi ,Link

1992, Chapter: “Is the Akratic Agent Un-free?” , In Action, Freedom, and Responsibility, K.P. Misra (ed.), Utkal Studies in Philosophy, Bhubaneswar ,Link


2016, Case: Delibarate Deception:case Study on Volkswagen Emission Scandal, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar ,India, Link

2013, Case: From Board Room to Prison Cell: A Case of Insider Trading, Xavier Institute of Management, Link

2008, Case: Corporate Social Responsibility ,Conflict of Interest and the Case of Tata Tea Alleged Funding of ULFA Militants, Vilakshan, vol. V, issue-2 , Link

2006, Case: Maruti’s Product Recall: A case of Quality Consciousness and Custmor Care, Vilakshan, vol III, issue -1, Link

#Working Paper

2006, WorkingPaper: Byabasaya O Mulya Bodha, Sambad, Link


2006, Conference-Attended: History of Virtue Ethics: from Aristotle to MacIntyre, Venue:

2006, Conference-Attended: What is Professional Ethics, Venue:

Work Experience

Professor, Xavier Institute of Management Jan 2013 – Till now

Associate Professor, Xavier Institute of Management July 2002 –

Assistant Professor, Xavier Institute of Management April 1996 – 2002

Teaching Assistant, IIT, Kanpur, Applied Ethics, 1987-90.

UGC Fellow at P.G. Department of Philosophy, Utkal University, April 1995 – March 1996.

ICPR Fellow, 1990-92. “Environmental Ethics: Towards an Organic Approach”.


Plantation:Create awareness for a forestation, plant trees on the both sides of the roads. Planted trees on all the vacant places in my village. I advise people to do so.