Dr. D.V. Ramana

  Professor, Accounting
  School: Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB)
  Home Page:http://home2.ximb.ac.in/ramana

Educational Qualifications

Ph.D (Utkal Univ.)

Teaching Interests

a) Financial Reporting
b) Financial Statement Analysis
c) Strategic Management Accounting
d) Corporate Accounting Practices and Accounting Standards

Research Interests

a) Financial Reporting Practices in India
c) Financial and Regulatory Aspects of Power Sector
d) Capital flows and Local economy
e) Business on Street: https://sites.google.com/a/ximb.ac.in/xvz/
f) Accounting:Virtual Class Room: http://home2.ximb.ac.in/ramana/VirtualClass/firstpage.htm

Administrative Responsibilities

Director,Board of Directors, Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation Ltd ( 2019-continuing)
Director, Institute of Management Technology (IMT)-Hyderabad: 2018
Member: State Advisory Committee, Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) (2013- Till Date)
Member: Task Force for Evaluating the Performance of State Level Public Enterprises (2011-2017)
Director, Board of Directors, IFCAL (Ferro Chrome & Allows Ltd.:2013-2017
Director, Board of Directors, Kalinga Iron Works limited: 2013 -2017
Member, Board of Directors (Management Board), Central Electricity Supply Utility, Orissa : 2012-2017
Director, Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (IDCOL) (2008- 2017
Member:Energy Panel_FICCI 2012- 2016
Academic Advisor cum visiting faculty: SPJCM-Singapore/Dubai/Sydney (2005 -2016)
Managing Trustee, Learning Community (2007 till date)
President: KV-1 Bhubaneswar Alumni Association: 2015 to December 2016
Member, Financial Reporting Review Group (Orissa) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (2008)
Director: Orissa State Housing Board (2005-2008)
Director: Orissa State Financial Corporation (2006-2009)
Member: State Advisory Committee, Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) (2007-2010)
Member: Zonal Advisory Board: Life Insurance Corporation (2007-2010)
Director: Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange (1996)

Member in Editorial Board

a)Member, editorial board, Indian Accounting Review
b) Member, editorial board, Journal of Accounting and Auditing, ICFAI Publication

Other Membership

a)Life member, Indian Accounting Association
b) Life member, Orissa Commerce Association
c) Life member, EAEPE
d)Member, Certified Management Accountants, Australia

Research & Publications

# Journal

2017, JOURNAL: “GST and Solar Energy Cost: Some Observations”., Taxmann-Indirect Taxes

2017, JOURNAL: Alpha, Beta and XBRL:Some Observations from Indian Capital Market, The Chartered Secretary

2016, JOURNAL: Cost to Serve and Cross-Subsidy in Power Sector: Some Observations, Indian Accounting Review: Vol: 20: Number 2: Page:25-37

2015, Journal: Performance Measurement and Accounting : In Search of a Composite Index with Reference to Public Enterprises in India,

2014, Journal: Relevance of Financial Statements:Some Observations,

2005, JOURNAL: • Market value added and Economic value added: Some Empirical Evidences,

2004, JOURNAL: Distribution Reforms: A Roundtable Discussion,

# Book

2011, Book: Virtual AccountingClass, ximb

2009, Book: Accounting_Understanding Business Decisions, http://www.accounting-ebook.com

# Case

2015, Case: The power shift: will it help? Micro privatization of power distribution business ", Emerald’s Emerging Markets Case Studies

# Working Paper

2018, WorkingPaper: Financial and Accounting Aspects of Power Distribution Companies of India,

2017, WorkingPaper: Earnings Management and Corporate Governance_Some Observations,

2017, WorkingPaper: XBRL and Quality of Reporting_Literature Survey,

2017, WorkingPaper: Power Consumption and Economic Growth, Stage 1 of the paper has been presented at the First International Conference 1st International Conference on Energy, Finance and the Macroeconomy held at Montepellier Business School, France

2017, WorkingPaper: Corporate Cash Holding in India,

2011, WorkingPaper: Comments on Exposure Draft on Accounting for Fixed Assets, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

2011, WorkingPaper: Financial Statement Analysis, Working in paper

2010, WorkingPaper: Corporate Cash Holding_Some observations, Working Paper

2009, WorkingPaper: Accounting for financial instruments_Some Comments and Observations,


2018, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Budget Conclave_ 2018, Venue: XIMB, XIMB Finance Association

2018, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Rural Urban Entanglements, Venue: Hyderabad Central University, University of Washington

2017, Conference-Attended (Chaired-Conducted): THIRTEENTH INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING CONFERENCE, Venue: Calcutta University,Deloitte India, Indian Accounting Research Foundation

2017, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Strengthening Commerce Education Through Digitisation and Skill Based Education., Venue: Bhubaneswar, NIIS Institute of Business Administration

2017, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Union Budget:2017, Venue: ICSI, Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI): BBSR Chapter

2017, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): 'PwC Union Budget 2017 analysis : On the Growth Path by FICCI, Venue: Bhubaneswar. FICCI and PwC, FICCI_ORissa

2017, Seminars-Talks (Facilitator): Chartered Accountants not mere Accountants - A Diversified Role to play, Venue: ICAI_ BBSR Office, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) BBSR Chapter

2017, Conference-Attended (Keynote Speaker): Innovation in Accounting Research and Teaching, Venue: FM University, Balasor, All Orissa Commerce Association

2017, Conference-Attended (Presenter): 10th International conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance_Leveraging Technology for greater financial inclusion with Cyber Safety”, Venue: New Delhi, Learning Links Foundation (LLF), National e-Governance Division (NeGD)

2017, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Economic Aspects of Skill Development , Venue: Bhubaneswar, Fasteners Association of India and its Local Partner

2017, Conference-Attended (Keynote Speaker): XBRL and Quality of Reporting: Some Observations, Venue: MS University Udaipur, Indian Accounting Association

2017, Seminars-Talks (Presenter): "Action Research and Accounting Education: Experiments and Experience, Venue: MS University, Udaipur, Indian Accounting Association

2017, Conference-Attended (Keynote Speaker): Cloud Computing and Accounting, Venue: MS Univesity, Udaiput, Indian Accounting Association

2017, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: Some Observations from India, Venue: University Claude Bernard 1 - Campus Rockefeller, Lyon, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics

2017, Conference-Attended (Chaired-Conducted): Frequency Domain-Based Causality between Power Consumption and Economic Growth", Venue: Monetepellier Business School, France, 1st International Conference on Energy, Finance and the Macroeconomy (ICEFM), 2017

2016, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Creation of Virtual Start Up Lab, Venue: British Council, Edinburgh, , British Council, Scotland

2016, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Commerce Education_The Road Ahead, Venue: P G Department of Commerce, Utkal University,, P G Department of Commerce, Utkal University

2016, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Performance of Power Distribution Companies, Venue: Bhubaneswara, 24 February 2016, Sankalp, Odisha

2016, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Financial Aspects of Start Ups, Venue: DSBM, Bhubaneswar, 20 February 2016, DAV School of Business Management (DSBM)

2016, Seminars-Talks (Keynote Speaker): Cost to Serve and Tariff Rationalisation in Power Sector, Venue: Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Kolkata, Indian Accounting Association Research Foundation

2016, Conference-Attended (Chaired-Conducted): Start-up, Stand-up, Crowd Funding, and Capital Market, Venue: ICSI, Bhubaneswar, Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)

2016, Conference-Attended (Keynote Speaker): Developing Transparency and Accountability through Technology: Our Experiments and Experience, Venue: Hyderabad, XVI national Convention:: Fair Trade Forun_ India

2015, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Experiments and Experience of Working with the People Doing Business on Street, Venue: , Goa Institute of Management, 6th PRME Asia Forum

2015, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Financial Literacy and Inclusion Programme for BOS, Venue: , ISB and MBA Universe, Held at ISB Hyderabad

2015, Conference-Attended (Keynote Speaker): Cost Management and Value Addition in the Power Sector, Venue: Gopalpur, 13 /12/2015, Institute of Cost Accountants of India

2012, Conference-Attended (): Creating Financial Capital through Social Capital, Venue: ,

2011, Conference-Attended (): Street vendors and Financial Capital, Venue: ,

2010, Conference-Attended (): IAS-1:Presentation of Financial Statements, Venue: ,

2007, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Performance of Indian Companies: Some Observations of Indian Companies: , Venue: ,

2006, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): • Economic Value Added and Other Accounting Performance Indicators: Empirical Analysis of Indian Companies, , Venue: ,

2005, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): • Can SAIL become a Strategy focused organisation: Application of Balanced Scorecard, Venue: ,

2004, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Redefining the Role of the Government in Power Sector: The Electricity Act 2003, Venue: ,

2004, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): • Valuation of Unlisted Government Enterprises: Some Observations of Power Sector. • Valuation of Unlisted Government Enterprises: Some Observations of Power Sector. , Venue: ,

2003, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Financial Aspects of Pricing of Power: Depreciation Related Issues, Venue: ,

2003, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Rate Base and Rate of Return: Some Suggestions for Utilities, Venue: ,

2003, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Cost of Service and Rate Making for Distribution Companies, Venue: ,

2003, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Cost of Service and Rate Making in a Distribution Company: , Venue: ,

2002, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Power Sector Regulation in India, Venue: ,

2002, CONFERENCE-ATTENDED (): Government Accounting - Impact Of Change In The Form-Of-Organisation And Ownership: A Case Study , Venue: ,

Training / Workshop / Faculty Development Program

2018, FDP-Attended: Fund Raising for Startups, Venue: Bangalore

2017, FDP-Attended: Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs for Development: Building and Managing Social Enterprises, Venue: Venue: IRMA

2017, Training-Attended: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Energy and Development , Venue: IIT Mumbai

2017, Training-Attended: Interdisciplinary Workshop on Energy and Development , Venue: IIT Mumbai

2017, Training-Attended: rends and Way Forward in the State Electricity Sectors, Venue: Pune

2016, Training-Conducted: Start Up Lab for the Entreprenuers at the BOP, Venue: British Council, India

2015, FDP-Attended: Indian Accounting Standards, Venue: PwC, Bangalore

Projects / Consultancy

2018, Examining the Corporate Governance Practices of State Level Enterprises of India, Client: National Foundation for Corporate Governance, Status: On-going

2017, Social Enterprise Education Project (SEEP), Client: British Council, Status: Completed

2015, Financial Literacy and Inclusion for the People Doing Business on Street, Client: Action Research, Status: On-going

2015, Strengthening Finance Function of OHPC, Client: OHPC, Status: Completed

0, Understanding Financial Statements , Client: Self, Status:

0, Capital Flow and Local Economy, Client: Self, Status:

0, Power Sector Reforms, Client: self, Status:

0, Virtual Start UP Lab, Client: British Council, Status: On-going

0, Social Enterprise Education Project, Client: British Council, Status: On-going

Directorial / Advisory Position

Director, Kalinga Iron Works Ltd,IDCOL Kalinga Iron Works Ltd. (IKIWL) At/P.O. Matkambeda Dist. Keonjah,Duration: 11-2-2014 to 31-4-2017

Member, Task Force for Evaluating the Performance of State Level Public Enterprises ,Department of Public Engterprises, Government of Orissa, Bhubaneswar.,Duration: 11-2-2011 to

President, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhubaneswar Alumni Association,Kendriya Vidyalaya Unit IX Bhubaneswar,Duration: 11-1-2015 to 31-12-2016

Director, Central Electricity Supply Utility (CESU),CESU,, 2nd Floor, IDCO TOWER, Janpath, Bhubaneswar -751022 Phone: 0674- 2541575 Fax: 0674-2543125 Website: www.cescoorissa.com E-Mail : itadmin@cescoorissa.com ,Duration: 10-4-2015 to 31-4-2017

Director, Industrial Development Corporation Ltd,IDCOL House, Unit-II, Ashok Nagar, Bhubanesw,Duration: 10-6-2013 to 31-4-217

Director, IFCAL,IDCOL Ferro Chrome & Alloys Ltd. (IFCAL) At/P.O. Jajpur Raod, Dist. Jajpu,Duration: 10-11-2015 to 31-4-2017

Member, State Advisory Committee, Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC),Bidyut Niyamak Bhavan, Unit-VIII, Bhubaneswar - 751 012 Ph.:+91-674-2396117, 2393097, 2391580, 2393606 . Fax.:+91-674-2393306, 2395781 e-mail- orierc@rediffmail.com, info@orierc.org,Duration: 10-4-2013 to Till Date

# Awards & Honors

2015: 6th Indian Management Conclave 2015:Enhancing B-school Competitiveness. Since its inaugural edition in 2010, annual Indian Management Conclave (IMC) has emerged as India’s definitive MBA educators’,, Link

2015: Our project of developing Virtual Start-Up Lab has been selected under Social Enterprise Education Project (SEEP) and awarded small grant to create the relevant knowledge. We will be working with Plym,, Link

# Work Experience

With XIMB from 1989

# Hobbies

Observering people:http://sites.google.com/a/ximb.ac.in/pimpudi/
Member:Learning Community: A body to create awareness about accounting among students.

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