Journal Published (National)

Sl No.Author(s)Research PaperYear of PublicationName of Journal
1 Kushankur Dey,Debasish Maitra, Options and the Commodity Market
| Link1 |
2017 Sameeksha Trust, India
2 Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Void in Management Research
| Link1 |
2017 Sameeksha Trust, India
3 T.Kumar,, E-Governance and Decentralisation - Study of an Indian District
| Link1 |
2017 National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR), India
4 Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Poverty Alleviation in Bihar: Alternative Views (Discussion Note)
| Link1 |
2017 Sameeksha Trust, India
5 Mayank Dubey,Dr. Sewa Ram,Dr. P. K. Sarkar Correction Factor For Fundamental Equation of Traffic Flow along Merging Section in Mixed Traffic Conditions
2016 Institute of Urban Transport, India
6 Jeevan Arakal,, Case Analysis - Stopping Territory Infringement
2016 Sage
7 Kushankur Dey,, National Agricultural Market : Rationale, Roll-out and Ramifications
| Link1 |
2016 Samiksha Trust India
8 Pradeep Mishra,, Managing International Development Projects: Case Studies of Implementation of Large-scale Projects in India
| Link1 |
2016 Sage Publications, India
9 Nilanjan Ghosh,Kushankur Dey, Opportunities and Challenges of Regulatory Convergence in India's Financial Sector The Case of the SEBI–FMC Merger - See more at:
| Link1 | | link2 |
2015 Samiksha Trust India
10 Jeevan J Arakal,, Case Analysis - Supply Problems at CCI India
2015 India
11 Banikanta Mishra,Sagarika Mishra, Mining and Industrialisation: Dangerous Portents
2014 Sameeksha Trust, India
12 Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Design of resource use: case of jatropha-based biodiesel in India
| Link1 | | link2 |
2014 National Instiute of Rural Development, India
13 Asit R Mohanty,Sagarika Mishra,Samson Moharana Economic Value Addition: Value Creation in Banking Industry in India
2012 Institute of Management and Information Science, Bhubaneswar
14 Kushankur Dey,Debasish Maitra, Portfolio Selection Revisited: Evidence from the Indian Stock Market
| Link1 | | link2 |
2012 ICFAI University Press India
15 Debasish Maitra,Kushankur Dey, Dividend Announcement and Market Response in Indian Stock Market: An Event-Study Analysis
| Link1 | | link2 |
2012 SAGE New Delhi
16 Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Rejoinder: teacher, teacher, where are you?
| Link1 | | link2 |
2012 Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, India
17 Soumya Guha Deb,Sagarika Mishra, Are Equity Betas Stable? Evidence from Indian Equity Market
2011 IUP Publications
18 sagarika Mishra,, Provisioning of Rural Credit: An Indian Perspective
2010 XIMB, India
19 Debasish Maitra,Kushankur Dey, Information and Technology: Muddling Policies with Practices in Indian Agriculture
2010 National Productivity Council India
20 Pradeep Mishra,, Planning of Watershed Development Projects in India: A Critical Review of Government funded Projects’, Journal of Rural Development,
2008 India
21 Pradeep Mishra and S. Raghavan,, Feasibility of Tropical Pines in Koraput, Orissa’, The Indian Forester
2008 India
22 Pradeep Mishra,, Water Harvesting and Recharge: A Misinterpretation, Economic and Political Weekly
2008 India
23 Pradeep Mishra and Mukul Kumar,, Institutionalisation of CPR management: Case Studies of Pastureland Management’, Economic and Political Weekly