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Sl No.Author(s)Research PaperYear of PublicationName of Journal
1 Pattnaik, S.,Jena, L.K., Could self-centrism rust the glitter of meaningful work? Exploring the darker sides of the construct
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2020 Development and Learning in Organisations, Emerald Publishers, UK (In Press).
2 Bharatee Bhusana Dash,J. Stephen Ferris, Economic Performance and Electoral Volatility: Testing the Economic Voting Hypothesis on Indian States, 1957–2013
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2020 Party Politics: forthcoming
3 Dr.Dinabandhu Sethi,Dr.V.V.Suba Rao, Threshold level of fiscal deficit: Revisiting FRBMA limit in Indian States
| Link1 |
2020 Springer International Publishing
4 S Rai,JK Nayak, The essence and measurement of trade show event experiences
| Link1 |
2020 Cognizant communication, USA
5 Pradhan, S.,Srivastava, A.,Jena, L.K. Abusive supervision and intention to quit: exploring multi-mediational approaches
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2020 Personnel Review, Emerald Publishers, UK. (In Press)
6 Sandip Sarkar,Sattwik Santra, Extending the approaches to polarization ordering of ordinal variables
2020 Springer
7 Chandan Misra,Sourangshu Bhattacharya,Soumya K. Ghosh Stark: Fast and Scalable Strassen's Matrix Multiplication using Apache Spark
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2020 IEEE
2020 Academic Journals Inc., USA
9 Chandan Misra,Sourangshu Bhattacharya,Soumya K. Ghosh A Fast Scalable Distributed Kriging Algorithm using Spark Framework
| Link1 |
2020 Springer
10 Arpita Jena,, Corporate Social Responsibility: Principles and Philosophies, IJSTR, Volume 9, Issue 03, ISSN No. 2277-8616
| Link1 |
2020 -
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| Link1 |
2020 Wiley-Blackwell, USA
12 Kamal Pandey,Bhaskar Basu, Mathematical modeling for short term indoor room temperature forecasting using Box-Jenkins models: an Indian evidence.
2020 Emerald UK
13 Rouhin Deb,Harsh Vardhan Samalia,Santosh Kumar Prusty The role of informal competition in driving export propensity of emerging economy firms: An attention based approach
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2020 Emerald Publishing Limited, UK
14 Raja, M. W.,Sandip Anand,Allan, D. How Ad Music Attitude-Based Consumer Segmentation Can Help Advertisers
| Link1 |
2020 Haworth Press USA (Taylor and Francis)
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2020 -
16 Snigdha Choudhury,Snigdha Pattnaik, Emerging themes in e-learning: A review from the stakeholders' perspective
| Link1 |
2020 Elsevier Ltd., United Kingdom
17 Ameet Kumar Banerjee,H K Pradhan,Trilochan Tripathy Macroeconomic news surprises, volume and volatility relationship in index futures market
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2020 Taylor and Francis (USA)
18 S. S. Dash,Mousumi Padhi, Relevance of Max Weber’s Rational Bureaucratic Organizations in Modern Society
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2020 Rainer Hampp Verlag
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2020 EconJournals
20 Avinash Tripathi,1,2 Developing SME sustainability disclosure index for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed manufacturing SMEs in India
| Link1 |
2020 Springer, Germany
21 Singhal, D,Jena, S.K,Tripathy, S Remanufacturing for the circular economy: Study and evaluation of critical factors, Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 156 ,104681 (Impact Factor 7.0)
2020 Elsevier
22 SURESH KUMAR PATRA,Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Does the Feldstein-Horioka puzzle exist among South Asian countries? A regime-switching approach
| Link1 | | link2 |
2020 John Wiley & Sons Ltd, USA
23 Sunil K Mohanty,Sibanjan Mishra, Regulatory Reform and Market Efficiency: The Case of Indian Agricultural Commodity Futures Markets,Research in International Business and Finance, ABDC-B, ABS -2,
2020 Elsevier
24 Das, S.,Jena, L.K., Self-deception, emotional neglect and workplace victimization: A conceptual analysis and ideas for research
| Link1 |
2020 International Journal of Workplace Health Management, Vol. 13, No.1, pp. 81-91, Emerald Publishers, Denmark.
25 Moitreyee Paul,Lalatendu Kesari Jena,Kalpana sahoo Workplace Spirituality and Workforce Agility: A Psychological Exploration Among Teaching Professionals
2020 Springer ,Europe
26 Shabana Chandrasekaran,, An analysis of network neutrality regulation with reference to price discrimination
| Link1 |
2020 Inderscience
27 Paul, M.,,Jena, L.K.,,Sahoo, K. Workplace Spirituality and Workforce Agility: A Psychological Exploration Among Teaching Professionals
| Link1 |
2020 Vol. 59, No.1, pp. 135 - 153, Journal of Religion and Health, Springer Publishers, US.
28 S S Panigrahi,Bikram Bahinipati,V. Jain Sustainable supply chain management: A review of literature and implications for future research
| Link1 |
2019 Australia
29 Indirah Indibara,Sanjeev Varshney, Consumer Cynicism - How is it generated?
2019 2019 ANZMAC Conference Proceedings, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
30 S Rai,JK Nayak, Hospitality branding in emerging economies: an Indian perspective
| Link1 |
2019 Emerald , UK
31 S Rai,J Nayak, Conceptualization and development of event experience scale: lessons from India
| Link1 |
2019 Emerald , UK
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2019 Elsevier ltd., UK
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2019 India
34 Pratishtha Bhattacharyya,Rabindra Kumar Pradhan, Exploring Cherishing: A Qualitative Approach
2019 Nova Southeastern University, USA
35 Walter Leal et al,, The role of higher education institutions in sustainability initiatives at the local level
2019 Elsevier, ABDC A
36 Chinmoy Bandyopadhyay,Subhasis Ray, Social Enterprise Marketing: Review of literature and future research agenda
2019 Emerald Publishing
37 Sanjay Mohapatra,Rahul Thakurta, Cloud-based business model for SMEs sector in India – developed and validated cloud computing adoption factors through a study on Indian SMEs
2019 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, UK
38 Prateek, G.,Knopf, R.C.,Aggarwal, R. Impact of out-migration of men on women’s participation in community-based forestry: insights from Van Panchayats of Uttarakhand, India
| Link1 |
2019 Commonwealth Forestry Association
39 Sugata Marjit,Suryaprakash Mishra,Sandip Sarkar Trade, Inequality and Distribution-neutral Fiscal Policy
| Link1 |
2019 Sage
40 Biplab Mahapatra,Sanjay Mohapatra, An Investigation of Portfolio Optimization using Modified NSGA-II Algorithm
2019 SAGE Publication
41 Pratap Chandra Pati (Corresponding author),Prabina Rajib,Parama Barai P. C. Pati*, P. Rajib & P. Barai : 'The role of the volatility index in asset pricing: The case of the Indian stock market', Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 74, PP. 336-346, (ABS-2 & ABDC-B)
| Link1 |
2019 Elsevier, Netherlands
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2019 Elsevier
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2019 Emerald
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2019 Elsevier
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2019 Taylor & Francis
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2019 Elsevier
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48 Pradhan, S.,Jena, L.K., Getting even: A study of abusive supervision, workplace deviance and intention to quit in Indian entrepreneurial organization
| Link1 |
2019 South Asian Journal of Business Studies, 8(3), 332-347, Emerald Publishers, US.
49 Amaresh Samantaraya,Suresh Kumar Patra, Pattern and Determinants of Household Savings in Odisha: An Empirical Analysis of Censored Data Using a Tobit Model
| Link1 |
2019 IUP Journal of Applied Economics, India
50 Saswati Das,Sanjay Mohapatra, Virtual Classroom in IT Services Industry : A literature perspective
2019 Mattingley Publishing Co., Inc., USA
51 Avipsa Mohanty,Dinabandhu Sethi,Avipsa Mohanty Central Transfer a Curse or Blessing? Evidence from the Relative Revenue Effort of Indian States
2019 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd
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2019 Inderscience, UK
53 Balamurugan Annamalai,Shabana Chandrasekaran, Conceptual Mapping of Sensory Cues with Brand Association
| Link1 |
2019 South Asian Journal of Management, AMDISA, India
54 Biswa Swarup Misra,, Determinants of Total Factor Productivity in Indian States
2019 Emerald Publishing Limited
55 Santosh Mahapatra,Winfred S William,Ramakrushna Padhy Alignment in the Base of the Pyramid Producer Supply Chains: The Case of the Handloom Sector in Odisha, India
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Wiley and Sons, USA
56 Banerjee Priyodorshi, Das Tanmoy,, Simultaneous decisions under risk: An experimental investigation
| Link1 |
2019 Elsevier
57 Dinabandhu Sethi,Asit Ranjan Mohanty,Avipsa Mohanty Has FRBM rule influenced fiscal deficit-growth nexus differently in India?
2019 Taylor & Francis,UK
58 Bharatee Bhusana Dash,J. Stephen Ferris,Stanley L. Winer The Measurement of Electoral Competition, with Application to the Indian States
| Link1 |
2019 Electoral Studies: 62 (102070)
59 Biswa Swarup Misra,, Impact of Economic and Social Infrastructure on Income Inequality- Evidence from Indian States
2019 Australia New Zealand Regional Science Association International, Australia
60 Pattanayak D,Punyatoya P, Effect of supply chain technology internalization and e-procurement on supply chain performance
2019 Business Process Management Journal,Emerald, (ABS-2 tier; ABDC B category), Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
61 Ms. Prajwalita A. Veronica Masih,Prof. Dipak Misra,Prof. Sanjay Mohapatra Study of Tactical Alignment of Business and IT in Education System
2019 Indian Science, India
62 Soumya Guh Deb,Banikanta Mishra, Role of median portfolios in value-premium and size-premium
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Elsevier, UK
63 Sanjay Mohapatra,Ajit Kumar, Developing a Framework for Adopting Artificial Intelligence
2019 IJCTE
64 Shabana Chandrasekaran,Balamurugan Annamalai,Supriya Kumar De Evaluating marketer generated content popularity on brand fan pages – A multilevel modelling approach
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Telematics and Informatics, Elsevier (Impact Factor 3.714,WoS Indexed)
65 1,Avinash Tripathi, Does price tolerance depend upon the type of product in e-retailing? Role of customer satisfaction, trust, loyalty, and perceived value
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Taylor & Francis, UK
66 Avinash Tripathi,1, Voluntary pricing mechanisms for green product purchase: altruistic versus self-enhancing consideration
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Taylor & Francis, UK
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| Link1 |
2019 Elsevier Ltd., United Kingdom
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| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Journal of Promotion Management,UK
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2019 Access Econ LLC, USA
70 Mathew, Jimson, Jose, Bijoy A.,Patra, Priyadarsan Selected Articles from the ISED 2018 Conference
| Link1 |
2019 American Scientific Publishers
71 Mathew, Deepa, Jose, Bijoy A,Patra, Priyadarsan Performance Analysis of Microkernel Based Virtualization Techniques on Embedded Systems
| Link1 |
2019 American Scientific Publishers
72 Sanjay Mohapatra,Rahul Thakurta, Cloud-based business model for SMEs sector in India – developed and validated cloud computing adoption factors through a study on Indian SMEs
2019 Inderscience Publishers, UK
73 Devendraraj Madhanagopal,Pattanaik, S, Exploring fishermen’s local knowledge and perceptions in the face of climate change: the case of coastal Tamil Nadu, India
| Link1 |
2019 Environment, Development and Sustainability, Springer Netherlands
74 Prof. Suchitra Pal,Prof. Satyasiba Das, Is the Socio- economic status of the Households below poverty line a key indicator towards the choice of cooking fuel as LPG?
2019 Scientific research
75 Md Washim Raja,Sandip Anand,David Allan Advertising music: an alternative atmospheric stimulus to retail music
2019 Emerald Publishing Limited: UK
76 KRISHNA DAS GUPTA,, An exploratory case study focusing on the creation, anddevelopment of a new political brand: The case of Aam AadmiParty
| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 John Wiley & Sons Ltd
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2019 OSCM forum, Indonesia
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| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Elsevier Science, United Kingdom
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2019 IJRMS , India
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2019 Managerial Finance -Vol 45, Issue 8, pp 982-1000, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, UK (ABS-I, ABDC-B, Scopus)
81 Subhra Pattnaik,Dr. Santosh Kumar Tripathy, The Journey of Justice: Recounting Milestones over the Past Six Decades
2019 Sage publications
| Link1 |
2019 IAEME Publication, India
| Link1 |
2019 IAEME Publication, India
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2019 University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh
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| Link1 |
2019 Routledge, Taylor & Francis group, UK
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2019 SSCI Thomson Reuters,
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2019 Inderscience Publisher,UK
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| Link1 |
2019 Elsevier, USA
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| Link1 |
2019 Economics of Governance, 20(2): 129-157
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| Link1 |
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2019 India
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| Link1 | | link2 |
2019 Emerald
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2019 IGI-Global, USA
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
2018 Emerald , UK
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| Link1 |
2018 Taylor & Francis, UK
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| Link1 | | link2 |
2018 Emerald, UK
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| Link1 |
2018 Metropolitics, Center for Urban Research, City University of New York, USA.
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| Link1 | | link2 |
2018 Regional Association for Vocational Teacher Education and Training in Asia (RAVTE) in cooperation with the SEAMEO VOCTECH, UNESCO Bangkok and TU Dortmund University/Germany.
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
2018 Inderscience
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
2018 Taylor & Francis
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2018 Taylor & Francis
113 Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Does impact assessment meet stakeholder expectation: case study of POSCO project in Odisha
| Link1 |
2018 Taylor and Francis, UK
114 Swayam S Panigrahi,Bikram K Bahinipati,Vipul K Jain Sustainable supply chain management: A review of literature and implications for future research
| Link1 |
2018 Emeralinsight
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| Link1 |
2018 Inderscience
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2018 Sage
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| Link1 |
2018 Journal of Religion & Film, University of Nebraska - Omaha
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| Link1 |
2018 Emerald Publishing Ltd.: United Kingdom (ABDC-'C' Category) (Scopus Index)
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2018 Uinversity of Ljubljana
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| Link1 |
2018 Elsevier, Netherlands
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2018 OilAsia I,ndia
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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2018 emerald
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| Link1 |
2018 Inderscience, United Kingdom (ABDC 'B,' ABS - Grade I, and Scopus Indexed)
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2018 Oil Asia , India
2018 Claeys & Casteels is a publishing house specialising in European Law.
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