Conference Attended

Sl No.Name(s)Conference TitleYearVenue
1 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Challenges for Natural Resource Management: Field Observation from Shirui Village and Shirui Kashong, Manipur, India
2017 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
2 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, The Missing market orientation in livelihood programme of the Development sector: A case of right diagnosis but wrong pills
2017 International Management Institute, Kolkata
3 Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Problem of Matching Grant in Financing Cluster Development
2017 Bhubaneswar
4 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Role of Liberalization and Ruling-Party in Industrialization and Mining: Odisha’s Experience during the Last Half Century
2017 Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies (NCDS)
5 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Relative Performance and Fiscal Position of Districts in the Indian State of Odisha
2017 Rama Devi University, Odisha
6 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Smart Cities Workshop
2017 Bhubaneswar
7 Dr. Kushankur Dey,, Internal Conference on Rural Management
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2017 Xavier City Campus, Xavier School of Rural Management
8 Prof. T. Kumar,, Philosophies, Theories and Trends in Social Media
2017 Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, India
9 Prof. T. Kumar,, Social Media and Social Activism – A Case Study of Jallikattu Movement
2017 Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, India
10 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, 3rdInternational Conference on Public Policy (ICPP3)
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2017 Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore
11 Dr. Kushankur Dey,, Secured Livelihood and Agricultural Value Chain: Improving market access for Poor
2016 New Delhi, VSO & IFAD
12 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Credit Risk Assessment Under Fuzzy Environment
13 Jeevan J. Arakal,, ATMNE: A Benign Trader In Search Of a Buyer? A Case Study On a Commodity Trading Initiative In KadiI,Gujarat
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14 Jeevan J. Arakal,, Understanding Effect of Public Policy Measures on Marketing Collaboration in Industrial Clusters
15 Jeevan J. Arakal,, Organising Local Markets in Vajrapokuturu Mandal
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