Conference Attended

Sl No.Name(s)Conference TitleYearVenue
1 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, 25th Annual IAJBS World Forum
2019 Bhubaneswar
2 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, World Congress on Rural and Agricultural Finance: Critical input to Achieve inclusive and Sustainable Development.
2019 New Delhi
3 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, 25th Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunication (FRUCT)
| Link1 |
2019 University of Helsinki, Kumpulan Campus, Helsinki, Finland
4 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, 25th Annual IAJBS World Forum
2019 XUB
5 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Applied Behavioral Science Summit 2019
2019 Delhi
6 Prof. Nirmalya Baral,, IAJBS World Forum
2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
7 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, Constructing a New Identity of Bengali Muslims in Zulfiqar, Rajkahini, and Kabir ”
2019 Journal of Religion & Film
8 Prof. Rakesh Prasad Badoni,, An efficient hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for curriculum-based course timetabling problem
2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
9 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Media as an Instrument for Democracy and Development in India: A Critical Analysis
2019 Galgotias University, Greater Noida
10 Prof. Subhra Pattnaik,, IAJBS 2019
2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
11 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, Emerging market Conference
2019 russia
12 Prof. M.N. Tripathi,, Effective Dealership Management for Excellence
2019 IOC
13 Prof. T. Kumar,, 19th European Conference on Digital Government
2019 Cyprus International University, Nicosia, Northern Cyprus
14 Prof. Ajit Kumar,, Design Classroom Sessions that Involve Students - A Case Study of Indian B-School
2019 Ho Chi Minh City
15 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Contemporary Trends in Humanities & Social Sciences
2019 IIT Guwahati, Sponsored by ICSSR
16 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, A Secure Steganographic Scheme based Chaotic Map and DNA Computing, 3rd International Conference on Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
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2019 SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Delhi, India
17 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, 25th IAJBS World Forum and Inaugural CJBE South Asia Regional Chapter Meeting
| Link1 |
2019 Bhubaneswar
18 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Complete Characterization of Electoral Volatility Measure
2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
19 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, 25th IAJBS World Forum
2019 Xavier University
20 Prof. M.N. Tripathi,, Delving into the Consumer Mind
2019 Hotel Best Western Grand, Kowloon, Hong Kong
21 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Civic engagement and consumer evaluation of companies supporting cause
2019 25th Annual IAJBS (International Association of Jesuit Business School) World Forum, held at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar
22 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Impulse buying behaviour in online medium: The perspective of the Stimulus-Organism-Response model
2019 IPAG Business School, Nice, France
23 Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty,, Roadmap for PFM Reforms in Odisha
2019 Government of Odisha and CEFT
24 Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty,, Odisha State Finance - Kaleidoscope
2019 Gopabandhu Academy, Bhubaneswar
25 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Recent global policy discourses orchestrated under the aegis of the United Nations, such as the Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030) and the New Urban Agenda of UN-Habitat - stress upon the need
| Link1 |
2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
26 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Managing Local Sustainability to Meet Global Targets Mainstreaming Sustainability Discourse in Urban Management
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2019 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
27 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, OceanObs’19 - Decadal Conference Series
2019 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
28 Prof. Ajit Kumar,, Design Classroom Sessions that involve Students
2019 Xavier University, Bhubneshwar, India
29 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Comparative analysis of Indian and South African district planning frameworks
| Link1 |
2019 Jakarta, Indonesian Association of Planners
30 Dr. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, HR Leadership Summit, 2019
2019 Mayfair Convention, Bhubaneswar
31 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, OceanVisions2019 – Climate Summit
2019 Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
32 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, The Future Oceans2 IMBeR Open Science Conference 2019, Brest, France.
2019 Brest, France.
34 Prof. Arijit Mitra,, Disruptive Innovation, Disruption and Innovation in the Business Context – Towards a Theory Building
2019 XUB, IAJBS World Forum
35 Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, National Conference on Rural Management Education
2019 Hyderabad
36 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)
2019 Association for Information Systems
37 Prof. Arijit Mitra,, India's Supply Chain:Readiness to face Global Competition
2019 Kolkata, ASCP
38 Prof. T. Kumar,, Annual Conference of New York State Political Science Association (NYSPSA) - 2019
2019 Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, USA
39 Prof. Sutapa Pati,, 7th International Conference on Research Into Design (ICoRD 2019)
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2019 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
40 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, The shadow of "Shadow Banking" in sustaining Infra Funding in India
2019 UAE university, Al Ain- (AMRC-2019)
41 Prof. Arun Kumar Paul,, Supply Chain of e-Business: Critical Review and Research Opportunities
| Link1 |
2019 I I M Raipur
42 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Xavier AI Summit
2019 XUB
43 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, 3rd ANZCAR 2019
2019 Mantra Bell City, Melbourne
44 Dr. Ibha Kumar,, "Beyond basic: A Temporal Study of Curriculum Changes in a First-year Communication Course.
2019 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi
45 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Economic Performance and Electoral Volatility: Testing the Economic Voting Hypothesis on Indian States, 1957–2013
2019 Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy (CTRPFP), International Conference on Public Finance and Public Policy, Kolkata
46 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, organizational Metamorphisis for inovotation,inclusion and agility
2019 Xavier University
47 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, organizational Metamorphisis for inovotation,inclusion and agility
2019 Xavier University
48 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, IABS Conference
2019 California, USA
49 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, Survival in the Cesspool of Default: The Saga of IL& FS
2019 Hotel Mayfair Lagoon
50 Dr. Manindra Narayan Nayak,, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code: Evolution and Challenges
2019 Venue- Hotel Mayfair
51 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, National Seminar on Farmer producer organisations and Agriculture in the context of Relationships, Institutions and Governance.
2018 India
52 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, 24th Annual IAJBS World Forum
2018 USA
53 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Digital Media and Children’s Right in India: A Critical Reflection
2018 Amity University, Gwalior
54 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, New Media, Social Capital & Social Life: Examining Underlying Relationship
2018 Galgotias Institute of Technology, Greater Noida
55 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, Outcome based Education and Accreditation
56 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, PICES 2018 Climate change Symposium
2018 Washington, D.C. USA. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
57 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, Adaptation Futures 2018
2018 Cape Town, South Africa.
58 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, DSA 2018
2018 University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.
59 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, SDC 2018
2018 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.
60 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, WSCC 2018
2018 Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya.
61 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Rural Urban Entanglements
2018 Hyderabad Central University
62 Dr. Santosh Kumar Prusty,, Start-up to Scale up: Management and Policy Perspectives, 6th PAN IIM WORLD MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2018
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2018 IIM Bangalore
63 Prof. Vikrant Vijay Patil,, XUB Sustainability Summit - Mainstreaming Sustainability: Role of Education and Reporting
2018 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
64 Prof. Mayank Dubey,, Convention Trphy - ZoNASA
2018 ZoNASA (East Zone)
65 Prof. Preshth Bhardwaj,, Sales & Marketing
66 Prof. Arun Kumar Paul,, International Conference MathSport Asia 2018
| Link1 |
2018 XLRI, Jamshedpur
67 Prof. Arun Kumar Paul,, International Conference MathSport Asia 2018
| Link1 |
2018 XLRI, Jamshedpur
68 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Sustainability Disruptions for Mitigating Global Risks
2018 XUB
69 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Social Norms-Health and Sanitation of Girl Child: Exploring Opportunities and Options
2018 XUB
2018 Banaras Hindu University
71 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, The 22nd Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2018)
| Link1 |
2018 Yokohama, Japan
72 Prof. Indirah Indibara,, Improving Customer Orientation of Indian Police Department
2018 IIT Bombay
73 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Regional Planning in India
2018 ORF New Delhi
74 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, The Privateness of Public Expenditure: A model and empirics for the Indian states
2018 Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), 14th Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development, New Delhi (Chaired the Session)
75 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Challenges to the Natural Resource Management at the Shirui Village in Ukhrul district, Manipur
| Link1 |
2018 BIAF Campus, Pune
76 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Challenges to the Natural Resource Management at the Shirui Village in Ukhrul district, Manipur
| Link1 |
2018 BAIF, Pune
| Link1 |
2018 Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
78 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, International CSR Conference
2018 China, Tsinghua University
79 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, Emerging Market Conference
2018 SPBU, Russia
80 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, Emerging Market Conference
2018 SPBU, Russia
81 Dr. Manindra Narayan Nayak,, MBA Pedagogy for 21st Century Business School
2018 IIM Bangalore
82 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Managing Agriculture and Social Sectors in Odisha: District-Level Data Envelopment Analysis
2018 IIM-Indore
83 Lect. Chandan Misra,, SPIN: A Fast and Scalable Matrix Inversion Method in Apache Spark
| Link1 |
2018 IIT Varanasi, ACM
84 Fr. Alwyn Rodrigues, S.J ,, A Cross Cultural Understanding of Millenials Mobile Application Usage and Learning Patterns: An Analysis of Communication Students in India and Students of Indian origin in Malaysia.
2018 School of Communications, Manipal University
85 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, World of Working Women: A literature review on organizational gender diversity using Hofstede's cultural dimensions” at the 60th Annual Conference of ISLE
2018 Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai
86 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, 'A New Psychological Contract Framework for Managing Sustainable Careers”, in the International Conference on the theme Changing Nature of Careers: Implications for a sustainable world
2018 XLRI, Jamshedpur
87 Prof. Mayank Dubey,, Capacity Building and Research for Decentralised Sanitation Systems
2018 Taj Land's end, Mumbai
88 Prof. Punyaslok Dhall,, Role of the salesperson in sustaining the buyer-seller relationship in a B2B dyad
2018 Negombo, Sri Lanka
89 Prof. Punyaslok Dhall,, Decision dilemma between online and offline tie up
2018 Orlando, USA
90 Fr. Joshy K X , S.J.,, Church and Society in the Digital Age
2018 Casa per ferie Seraphicum - del Serafico 1, 00142 Rome
91 Fr. Joshy K X , S.J.,, Truth about Fake News
2018 Saint Gabriel's Foundation, Bangkok - Thailand
92 Dr. Manindra Narayan Nayak,, Impact of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code on Ease of Doing Business
2018 Xavier University Bhubaneswar.
93 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, One week National Workshop on Data Analytics using R (DAUR 2018)
2018 Silicon, Bhubaneswar
94 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Mathsport Asia 2018
2018 XLRI
95 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Mathsport Asia 2018
2018 XLRI
96 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Mathsport Asia 2018
2018 XLRI
97 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Mathsport Asia 2018
2018 XLRI
98 Dr. Manimay Ghosh,, Factors that Drive Green Procurement Implementation and its Impact on Firm Performance: An Indian Study
| Link1 |
2018 Sri Lanka
99 Dr. Krishna Das Gupta,, JAMS India Conference
| Link1 |
2018 Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
100 Prof. Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale,, Good Faith as the Demand for Sincerity in Marketing Systems: The Case of Surrogacy Markets in India
2018 Leipzig University, Germany
101 Prof. Sujit Raghunathrao Jagadale,, Distributive Justice and Dignity Dimensions- Integrative Justice Model and Commercial Surrogates in India
2018 Leipzig University, Germany
102 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, International Conference on Business and Economics 2018 (Track Chair)
2018 Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
103 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, International Conference on Business and Economics 2018
2018 Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea
104 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, Children's Environment Congress
2018 XUB
105 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, EdUniversal Convention-2018
2018 University of Dubrovnik.
106 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, International Green Health Conference 2018
2018 Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai
107 Dr. Biswa Swarup Misra,, Global Contours of Capital Markets
2018 ICSI, Bhubaneswar
108 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, International Conference on Religion & Film
2018 University of Toronto, Canada, Journal of Religion & Film
109 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, Symposium on Representation in the Bollywood
2018 Birmingham City University, UK.
110 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, South Asia Communication Conference on Media Portrayal of Marginalised Communities
2018 Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)
111 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Presented research paper "The Dialectics of Citizen Journalism in the Age of Social Media: A Critical Study" at International Conference on Media & Communication New Media Studies: Re-ex
2018 Pune, India
112 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Presented paper "The Complexity of Online Dating and Heterosexual Love in the Post-Feminist Era: A Report" atThe Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film 2018
2018 Tokyo, Japan
113 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, 7th Workshop on Talent Management
2018 Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
114 Prof. Sibanjan Mishra,, India Finance Conference, IIM Calcutta
2018 IIM, Calcutta
115 Prof. Ajit Kumar,, A Primer on Internet of Things Ecosystem and 5G Networks
2018 College of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar, India
116 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, 13th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology
2018 IIT Madras
117 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Understanding feminist solidarity at the grassroots in India - a study of self help groups in the Khordha District of Odisha' /
2018 Sydney, GWO
118 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, International Conference on the Changing Nature of Careers: Implications for a sustainable world
2018 XLRI Jamshedpur, INDian academy of management ( INDAM)
119 Prof. Arijit Mitra,, MathSport Asia 2018: Towards Developing a Cricket Skill Index for Limited Over Cricket
2018 XLRI, Jamshedpur
120 Prof. Nirali Shah,, Do you have an investment account? – A Bionic Way
2018 MICA Ahmedabad
121 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, International conference on changing nature of careers
2018 XLRI, Jamshedpur
122 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, 4th International conference on Global Business Environment
123 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, School Psychology:Boarden the Horizon
2018 Psychology Department,Andhra University,Visakhapatanam
124 Prof. Mary Sabina Peters,, SALT workshop-SocialNorms and Sustainability
2018 XUB in collaboration with Wipro Ltd
125 Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Celebrating Commons Scholarship
| Link1 |
2018 Georgetown University Law Centre, Washingtown DC
126 Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty,, Risk Modelling and Basel III
2018 Pune
127 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Local Governance Restructuring and Urban Policy Reforms in India
| Link1 |
2018 University of Lisbon, Portugal
128 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, India's smart city policy and modular approach towards urban management
| Link1 |
2018 University of Cardiff, UK
129 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, GWO Conference 2018
2018 Sydney
130 Prof. Tanmoy Das,, Experimental Methods for General Economists
2018 Kolkata
131 Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Does IA meet Stakeholder Expectation
| Link1 |
2018 Durban
132 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, 16th International Conference on Clean Energy
2018 Famagusta, North Cyprus
133 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, Managerial Decision Making with deeply held values and beliefs: A critique of evidence based management
2018 CEVRO Institute, Prague
134 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, 2nd National Conference on Accounting and Finance
2018 XUB
135 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, XUB Sustainability 2018 on Sustainability Disruptions for Mitigating Global Risks
2018 XUB
136 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, National Conference on “Remembering Mahatma Gandhi: Compassion and Relevance for Our Times”
2018 XUB
137 Prof. Sibanjan Mishra,, International Conference on Economics and Finance
138 Prof. Pradyumna Kumar Mohanty,, 20th International Conference on Accounting and Finance
2018 Singapore
139 Prof. Pradyumna Kumar Mohanty,, Value Relevance of Accounting Information: A Study of Steel Sector in India
2018 20th International Conference on Accounting and Finance
140 Prof. Arpita Saha,, National PR Conclave 2018, Strengthening Democracy: Role of Public Relations
2018 Institute of Engineers, Bhubaneswar
141 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Role of Technology in Governance and Development: The Case of e-Uparjan in Madhya Pradesh.
2018 Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University; Fully funded by the Research Council of Norway, Government of Norway.
142 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Fifth National Round Table Discussions on Relationships
2018 XIMB
143 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, 2nd Seminar on Relationships
2018 XIMB
144 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Seminars on Relationships
2018 XIMB
145 Prof. T. Kumar,, Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy(ACERP), Japan
2018 Kobe Art Center
146 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Internet of Things and Connected Technologies
| Link1 |
2018 Centre for Global Management, California State University, USA
147 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Innovation and sustainable disruptions: A study on consumer adoption intention
2018 XUB
148 Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty,, • Post State Budget discussion : 2017-18
2018 Bhubaneswar
149 Prof. Fr. V. Arockia Das, SJ,, Money Management among Slum Dwellers of in Bhubaneswar City, Odisha - An Exploratory Study
2018 Xavier City Campus, XUB
150 Dr. Banikanta Mishra,, Industrialisation, Mining, Displacement and Tribals
| Link1 |
2018 NCDS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
151 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, National Seminar on GST
| Link1 |
2018 Bhubaneswar
152 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, ‘Career Progression and Work Experiences of Urban Indian Women’/018 Gender, Work and Organisation 10th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference
2018 Macquarie University Sydeny, Gender Work and Organization
153 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, The Hijras of Odisha: A Study of the Self-Identity of the Eunuchs and Their Identification with Stereotypical Feminine Roles/ICBSGI 2018: 20th International Conference on Bioethics, Sexuality, and Gen
2018 Paris, France ,World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology
154 Dr. Manindra Narayan Nayak,, Institutional Excellence: Key to Execution of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. 2016.
2018 Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
155 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, South Asian Conference on Business Models & Social Entrepreneurship
2018 Mumbai
157 Prof. Sutapa Pati,, International Conference on Sustainability and Business [SUSBUS 2018]
| Link1 |
2018 IIM Kolkata
158 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Sustainability in Organizations and Economies-SUSBUS 2018 (Track Chair)
2018 IIM Calcutta
159 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Consumer responses to Corporate Social Responsibility
2018 IIM Calcutta
160 Prof. Purnima Anjali Mohanty,, International Conference on Bioethics, Sexuality and Gender Identity
| Link1 | | link2 |
2018 PARIS
161 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Working Women in India: A Review of Newspaper Reports and Articles on Gender Diversity in Indian organizations
2017 International Conference on Role of Media in Democracy
162 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Working Women: A Literature Review of Women in the Organizational Workforce
2017 1st ICRM Conference
163 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Right to Education: Issues and Challenges
2017 Pune University, Pune
164 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Media and Gender: A Study on TV Soap Opera in India
2017 Pune University, Pune
165 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Media Life and Public Sphere: A Study on Media Life of Santhals
2017 Pune University, Pune
166 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, 19th Odisha Bigyan ‘O’ Paribesh Congress
2017 KIIT Bhubaneswar
167 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, ICAHD 2017
2017 Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India
168 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, MARE Conference 2018
2017 University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
169 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Expenditure Visibility and Voter Memory: A Compositional Approach to the Political Budget Cycle in Indian States, 1959 – 2012
2017 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), Papers in Public Economics and Policy, New Delhi
170 Prof. Gogol Mitra Thakur,, 3rd International Conference on South Asian Economic Development
| Link1 |
2017 South Asian University, New Delhi
171 Prof. Sandip Sarkar,, Seventh Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality
| Link1 |
2017 The Graduate Center, City University of New York, New York City
172 Lect. Chandan Misra,, SangeetLab: A New Framework for Expressing Digital Indic Music.
2017 ACM
173 Lect. Chandan Misra,, SprIntMap: A System for Visualizing Interpolating Surface using Apache Spark
| Link1 |
2017 NIT Goa, Springer
174 Fr. Alwyn Rodrigues, S.J ,, Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment
2017 XCOMM
175 Fr. Joshy K X , S.J.,, The Challenges of Social Communication in the Digital Church
2017 Saint Gabriel's Foundation, Bangkok - Thailand
176 Fr. Joshy K X , S.J.,, ICT and Social Inclusion of Migrants
2017 Xavier University, Bhubaneswar
177 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, Robust classification of microRNA expression profiles from hepatocellular carcinomas
| Link1 |
2017 Basel, Switzerland
178 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment
2017 Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha
179 Prof. Ashutosh Mishra,, International Conference on Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies
| Link1 |
2017 VIT Vellore, IEEE
180 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, A Comparative study on Cryptographic Image Scrambling" Second International Conference on Research in Intelligent and Computing in Engineering (RICE'17)
| Link1 |
2017 Institute of Technology, Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand, India
181 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, A Secure Partial Encryption Scheme Based on Bit Plane Manipulation
| Link1 |
2017 National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Durgapur, India-713209,
182 Prof. Arijit Mitra,, The buyer-supplier cooperation in the context of supply chain management: a scale development
2017 IIM Trichy
183 Dr. Banikanta Mishra,, Managing Agriculture and Social Sectors in Odisha: District-Level Data Envelopment Analysis
| Link1 | | link2 |
2017 IIM-Indore
2017 Xavier University
185 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, 1st International Conference on Rural Management (ICRM) on "Rural Management for Sustainable Development,"
2017 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
186 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Does Meaningful work explains the relationship between Transformational Leadership and Innovative Work Behavior
2017 5th Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management, IIM Indore, India.
188 Prof. Mayank Dubey,, Annual NOSPlan Convention - 2017
2017 ITPI and others
189 Prof. Mayank Dubey,, ‘Smart City: Sustainable Urban Development’
2017 Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar
190 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, International Farming System Association (IFSA) Symposium, Greece
2017 Greece
191 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, 19th Organic World Congress, New Delhi
192 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, 3rd Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD
2017 Columbia University, New York
193 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Talk on Sustainable Community Systems to 185 Phase-II IAS officers
2017 LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie
194 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Fourth National Round table Discussion on Governance
2017 XIMB
195 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Third National Round table Discussion on Institutions was organized at XIMB on 27th November, 2017
2017 XIMB
196 Prof. T. Kumar,, 7th Annual International Conference on Political Science, Sociology & International Relations (PSSIR-2017), Singapore
2017 Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore
197 Prof. Mary Sabina Peters,, Corruption free India
2017 SBI
198 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Antecedents and consequences of work-family enrichment: A literature review
2017 IIT, Kharagpur Campus
199 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Diversity and Inclusion at work Place
2017 IIT, Kharagpur Campus
200 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, 5th National HRD Network HR Summit on HR the New Wave
2017 Hotel Welcom Sheraton, District Centre, Sector 6, SaketDelhi, NHRDN
201 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, Challenges for Natural Resource Management: Field Observation from Shirui Village and Shirui Kashong, Manipur, India
2017 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
202 Prof. Satyendra Nath Mishra,, The Missing market orientation in livelihood programme of the Development sector: A case of right diagnosis but wrong pills
2017 International Management Institute, Kolkata
203 Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra,, Problem of Matching Grant in Financing Cluster Development
2017 Bhubaneswar
204 Prof. Narayan Chandra Sarangi,, NHRDN 5th HRM Summit on ' HR : The Next Wave
2017 DELHI
205 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Role of Liberalization and Ruling-Party in Industrialization and Mining: Odisha’s Experience during the Last Half Century
2017 Nabakrushna Choudhury Centre for Development Studies (NCDS)
206 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Relative Performance and Fiscal Position of Districts in the Indian State of Odisha
2017 Rama Devi University, Odisha
207 Dr. Banikanta Mishra,, Derivatives
| Link1 |
2017 IIT Kharagpur
208 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Frequency Domain-Based Causality between Power Consumption and Economic Growth"
| Link1 |
2017 Monetepellier Business School, France
209 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Corporate Governance and Earnings Management: Some Observations from India
2017 University Claude Bernard 1 - Campus Rockefeller, Lyon
210 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Cloud Computing and Accounting
2017 MS Univesity, Udaiput
211 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Corporate Social Responsibility
2017 Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi,UAE
212 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Corporate Social Responsibility
2017 Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi,UAE
213 Dr. W.S. William,, 25th Global Symposium in Project Management
2017 New Delhi
214 Dr. Manindra Narayan Nayak,, National Conference on Justice Education
2017 Nirma University, Ahmedabad
215 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, International Conference on Assessment Centres and Talent Management being held at .
2017 XLRI Jamshedpur
216 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Smart City and Smart Governance
2017 Bhubaneswar
217 Prof. Vikrant Vijay Patil,, Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management
2017 Xavier University Bhubaneswar
218 Prof. Vikrant Vijay Patil,, 2030 Agenda: Driving Inclusive Growth
2017 Le Meridian New Delhi
219 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, 9th International Social Innovation Conference
2017 Australia
220 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, GSOM Emerging Market Conference
2017 Russia
221 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, International Marketing Conference MARCON 2017
2017 Kolkata
222 Prof. T. Kumar,, 3rd International Conference on Social Media
2017 Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, India
223 Prof. T. Kumar,, 3rd International Conference on Social Media
2017 Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, India
224 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, ‘Environment and Sustainable River Basin Management Basin’
| Link1 |
2017 Jointly organized by OEC, HDF-cDAR & XUB
225 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment
2017 Bhubaneswar, XCOMM
226 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Communication Education 3.0: Synergizing Technology and Development
2017 Tezpur, Assam, UNICEF
227 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Free Speech and Democracy in New Media Milieu
2017 Nagpur, ICSSR
228 Prof. Girish Balasubramanian,, 5th INDAM
2017 IIM Indore
229 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, Exploring User Participation Motives in Information System Projects
| Link1 |
2017 Langkawi, Malaysia
230 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Theoretical Necessity for Rethinking knowledge in Knowledge Management, 5th Biennial INDAM Conference 2017
2017 IIM Indore, Indian Academy of Management
231 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, International Conference on Assessment Centers and Talent Management in Emerging Markets: Lessons from Global Practice
2017 XLRI Jamshedpur and Aon Hewitt
232 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, The effects of social media communication on consumers' brand evaluation: An empirical investigation
2017 XUB
233 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, 3rd International Conference-Drifts in Business, Governance and Societal Values: Conflicts & Challenges
2017 IMI, Bhubaneswar
234 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, XBRL and Quality of Reporting: Some Observations
2017 MS University Udaipur
235 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Consumer Response to CSR Communication Strategies: Role of Fit and Information Source
2017 Melbourne, Australia
236 Fr. V. Arokiyadass SJ,, Jesuit Higher Education Association South Asia (JHEASA)
2017 XIDAS, Jabalpur
237 Fr. V. Arokiyadass SJ,, Life Satisfaction Factors of Slum Dwellers in Bhubaneswar City, Odisha - An Exploratory Study
| Link1 |
2017 Los Angles, USA (Through telephonic conversation)
238 Dr. Bhaskar Basu,, Management 2022: Growth and Sustainability Challenges
2017 IFIM Bangalore
239 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, 10th International Critical Management Studies Conference2017
2017 Britannia Adelphi Hotel,Liverpool, UK
240 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, National CA Conference 2017
2017 Cuttack
241 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, 14th National CA Conference 2017
2017 Hotel Mayfair
242 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, A Study of Work place Bullying of Women Employees in Public Sector Banks in India
2017 Britannia Adelphi, Liverpool, UK
243 Dr. Manimay Ghosh,, Determinants of Green Procurement Practices in Indian Firms
2017 Seattle, USA
244 Prof. Tathagata Chatterji,, Smart City Initiative in India: A Policy Review
| Link1 | | link2 |
2017 Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore
245 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, Fulbright Mentoring workshop for doctoral scholars and Faculty of XUB
2017 Class room no 1, XUB
246 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Employment Relations in ITES/BPO Industry: Looking Backward and Moving Forward
2017 Auditorium XIMB
247 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, 10th International conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance_Leveraging Technology for greater financial inclusion with Cyber Safety”
| Link1 |
2017 New Delhi, Learning Links Foundation (LLF)
248 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Innovation in Accounting Research and Teaching
2017 FM University, Balasor
2017 Calcutta University,Deloitte India
250 Dr. Ibha Kumar,, Segmentation on the basis of Consumers' Attitude toward Advertising Music"
2017 IIMLucknow, Noida campus
251 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, National Conference Good Governance: Then Now and Beyond.Workplace Spirituality and Corporate Governance
252 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Gender and Management: Issues & Challenges paper titled Resiliency in Women: A Positive Strategy to Manage Work Adversity
2017 Convention Center (Crystal Hall), Mayfair Hotel, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
253 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Job roles and challenges in Nursing professions
2017 Mayfair, Bhubaneswar
254 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Effect of Firm Size on Performance Leading to Sustainability
2017 INDIA
255 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Trust: An Outlook
2017 INDIA
256 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, An Action Research Project on In-Situ Water Conservation at NSWASS, Bhubaneswar
2017 INDIA
257 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Resiliency in Women: A Positive Strategy to Manage Work Adversity
2017 Convention Center (Crystal Hall), Mayfair Hotel, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
2017 4th International conference on Business and management: Fintech Driven age
259 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, NOT TOO SWEET
260 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, Can SMEs in India survive the risk based pricing by financing banks?
2017 "Micro, Small and Medium enterprises:The Engine of Indian Economy-A&A economics Utkal University
261 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, Structural Equation Modeling
2017 XIMB
262 Prof. Sandip Anand,, 7th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies
2017 IIM Ahmedabad
263 Prof. Sandip Anand,, Annual Conference of Emerging Markets Conference Board
2017 IIM Lucknow Noida Campus
264 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, 16th Edition of Foundation Day Lecture on 'Environment & Progress: Issues & Challenges'
2017 Nalco Bhavan Auditorium
265 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Celebrating Innovation in Health and Sustainable Development
2017 MDC, XIMB Sponsored by Planning and Convergence Department Govt. of Odisha
266 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Development Communication and Public Policy: A Study of Govt. Publicity Programs
2016 IIM, Kashipur
267 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Media and Women: A Study on TV popular Shows for Social Construction of Gender
2016 Manav Rachna University
268 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, International Seminar on Poverty, Environment and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Asia-Pacific
2016 Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore
269 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, KILA’s International Conference Series- 5 Marginalization, Poverty and Decentralization.
2016 Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA)
270 Prof. Devendraraj Madhanagopal,, Second International Conference on Contemporary Debates in Public Policy and Management
2016 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India.
271 Dr. Santosh Kumar Prusty,, Modeling Judgment and Decision Making Process Using System Dynamics, 34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society on "Black Swans and Black Lies: System Dynamics in the Context of
| Link1 | | link2 |
2016 Delft University of Technology
272 Dr. Anamika ,, Make in India: Opportunities and Challenges
2016 BIMTECH Bhubaneswar
273 Ms. Jublee Mazumdar,, Determining the Social and Spatial Vulnerability of a Place from Potential Natural Hazards
2016 Durban, South Africa
274 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Expenditure Visibility and Voter Memory: A Compositional Approach to the Political Budget Cycle in Indian States, 1959 – 2012
2016 Delhi School of Economics, Winter School 2016, New Delhi
275 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Expenditure Visibility and Voter Memory: A Compositional Approach to the Political Budget Cycle in Indian States, 1959 – 2012
2016 National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), 53rd Annual Conference of The Indian Econometric Society (TIES), Bhubaneswar
276 Lect. Chandan Misra,, Swaralipi: A Framework For Transcribing and Rendering Indic Music Sheet
| Link1 |
2016 TENOR
277 Fr. Alwyn Rodrigues, S.J ,, Role of Media in Democracy
2016 XIMB- XUB
278 Fr. Joshy K X , S.J.,, Motivation Behind Anti-consumption of Brands
2016 XIM Bhubaneswar
279 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, CERE International on Excellence in Research Education
2016 Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
280 Prof. Tanmoy Das,, Third Annual IGIDR-ISIK Doctoral Workshop
2016 Mumbai
281 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, A Key Agreement Scheme for Smart Cards Using Biometrics", IEEE International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation
| Link1 |
2016 Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh, India
282 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, Intelligent Classi cation of Lung & Oral Cancer through diverse data mining algorithms", 2016 IEEE International Conference on Micro-Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
| Link1 |
2016 SRM University Delhi NCR Campus,
283 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, An Investigative and Inclusive Study of Retail Enterprise Sales Centered on Online Analytical Processing
| Link1 |
2016 RG Education Socity, Rohtak, INDIA
284 Prof. Atanu Chatterjee,, Role of public policy in Development Process (Emerging Economics/Social Scenario in the Indian Economy),
285 Prof. Atanu Chatterjee,, National Seminar on Dynamics on Rural Labour Relations in India
2016 NIRD&PR<Hydrabad
286 Prof. Atanu Chatterjee,, Sustainable Urbanization in India: Challenges and Opportunities’
2016 IDS, Kolkata
287 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Psychological Capital and Organisational Citizenship Behavior: Role of Emotional Intelligence in Indian Industries
2016 31st International Congress of Psychology, Yokohama, Japan.
288 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Workplace Spirituality, Organisational Commitment and Job Satisfaction: A Study
2016 Academy of Management Conference, Anaheim, California, USA.
289 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Self-efficacy and Workplace well-being: Understanding the role of Resilience in Manufacturing Organizations
2016 2nd International Conference on Organisation and Management, Abu Dhabhi, U.A.E.
290 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Does Sustainability practices buffer the impact of Self-efficacy on Organisational Citizenship Behavior: Conceptual and Statistical Considerations
2016 26th Annual Conference of the National Academy of Psychology, IIT Madras, India.
291 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Resilience as a moderator between Self-efficacy and Workplace well-being among Indian Manufacturing Executives
2016 26th Annual Conference of the National Academy of Psychology, IIT Madras, India.
292 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Poster Presentation: An empirical examination of Citizenship Behavior mediating between Self-efficacy and Workplace well-being in Indian Manufacturing Organisation
2016 PAN IIM World Management Conference, IIM Ahmedabad, India.
293 Prof. Preshth Bhardwaj,, CRM in Tourism
294 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, ALL INDIA CA CONFERENCE 2016
2016 Bhubaneswar
295 Prof. Abhimanyu Sahoo,, NATIONAL CA CONFERENCE 2016 AT CUTTACK
2016 Cuttack
296 Prof. M.N. Tripathi,, Sustainability Summit - Energy Peace and Global Governance
2016 XIMB
297 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Developing Transparency and Accountability through Technology: Our Experiments and Experience
2016 Hyderabad
298 Prof. Punyaslok Dhall,, IMP Asia in Africa
2016 Cape Town, South Africa
299 Prof. Bikram Kumar Bahinipati,, GMAC Core User Group Summit
2016 New Delhi
300 Prof. Bikram Kumar Bahinipati,, 12th FICCI Higher Education Summit
2016 New Delhi
301 Prof. Bikram Kumar Bahinipati,, XUB Sustainability Summit
302 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Work and family Interface
303 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Predictors of Job satisfaction and Job stress among Indian and Norwehgian Nurses
2016 AIT
304 Prof. Subhasis Ray,, Sustainable consumption and the new normal
2016 jilin University
305 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Financial Inclusion on Path to Sustainable Development Goals
2016 National Conference-2016
306 Dr. Amar KJR Nayak,, Economies of Scope: context of smallholder farmers and sustainability’
2016 ABC
307 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Spiritualism: -A Tool for Sustainabile Development
2016 ICSSR Research Institute in Collaboration with Govt. of Odisha
308 Prof. Plavini Punyatoya,, Consumer reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: Effect of Brand-Cause Congruence, Organizational motives, and Communication strategies
2016 XIM, Bhubaneswar
309 Prof. Ajit Kumar,, Role of HCI in Online Healthcare Community
2016 Mumbai, India
2016 Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi
311 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Eduniversal World Convention
| Link1 |
2016 Perth, Australia
312 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Dean's Summit
2016 Deloitte University, Hyderabad
313 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Children's Environment Congress
2016 Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Sponsored by Wipro Earthian
314 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, Revisiting the Viable Systems Model in the context of two Indian organizations
2016 Singapore
315 Fr. Donald DSilva, SJ,, Jesuits Response to Sustainability Leadersip through University Education
2016 Karen - Nairobi, Kenya
316 Prof. Sagarika Mishra,, Credit Risk Assessment Under Fuzzy Environment
317 Prof. Mary Sabina Peters,, Sustaianbility Summit
2016 XUB
318 Prof. Mary Sabina Peters,, Misinterpretation of the polluterpays principle an emerging environmnetal concern
2016 UGCorganized by Berhampur City College.
319 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, 11th Sustainability Summit
2016 14-15 September 2016: Le Méridien, New Delhi, India
| Link1 |
321 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, A Model Organisation For Career Progression Of Women Bank Managers: A Qualitative Approach
2016 Victoria B C, Canada
322 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, A Study of Personal values of Indian Gen Y Business Students
2016 Belo-Horizonte, Brazil
323 Dr. Manimay Ghosh,, The 22nd Annual Forum of International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS)
2016 Nairobi
324 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Start-up, Stand-up, Crowd Funding, and Capital Market
2016 ICSI, Bhubaneswar
325 Prof. Girish Balasubramanian,, What can unions do in the unorganized sector - Anecdotal evidence from India
2016 Berlin
326 Prof. Girish Balasubramanian,, Understanding the process of union revitalization - Evidence from India (Co-authored with Dr. Santanu Sarkar)
2016 Berlin
2016 Pondicherry University
328 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, Sustainability Action, Learning & Teaching (SALT)
2016 : MDC, XIMB, Wipro
329 Prof. Preshth Bhardwaj,, Preshth Bhardwaj, Conference on Brand Management
| Link1 |
2016 Asia Business Centre, Curtin University and Emerald publication
330 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, ISSWOV 2016
2016 Belo Horizonte
331 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, ISSWOV 2016
2016 Belo Horizonte
332 Dr. Biresh K Sahoo,, Data Envelopment Analysis International Conference 2016 (DEAIC2016): Methodology Advances and Applications in Governance and Management
2016 Nanjing Audit University, China.
333 Dr. Biresh K Sahoo,, Decomposing Efficiency and Returns to Scale in Two-Stage Network DEA / The 9th International Conference of Iranian Operations Research Society
2016 Shiraz University of Technology, Iran.
334 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Creation of Virtual Start Up Lab
2016 British Council, Edinburgh,
335 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, Human Resource Management to Human Capital Management:A Paradigm Shift Title of the paper:The Role of Workplace Spirituality in Talent Management
2016 Nalco Auditorium
336 Prof. ARUP ROY,, CRRCSR- HBS conference on corporate social responsibility
337 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, Case Study-"Uphill Tasks in the Foothills"
2016 Global Summit on Management cases-2016, IIM, Raipur.
338 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, 'Media Life, Communication and Marginalisation: An Empirical Investigation
2015 Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
339 Ms. Jublee Mazumdar,, Integrating socio-economic and infrastructural dimension to reveal hazard vulnerability of coastal districts
2015 Vienna, Austria
340 Prof. Gogol Mitra Thakur,, 25th Annual Conference on Contemporary Issues in Development Economics
| Link1 |
2015 Jadavpur University, Kolkata
341 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, Partial Rank Aggregation Using Mutiobjective Genetic Algorithm: Application in Ranking Genes
| Link1 |
2015 4th-7th Jan./2015, ISI, Kolkata, India (IEEE Xplore).
342 Prof. Tanmoy Das,, Second Annual IGIDR-ISIK Doctoral Workshop
2015 Kolkata
343 Prof. Bhaskar Mondal,, A Secure Image Encryption Algorithm using LFSR and RC4 Key Stream Generator", Proc. of 3rd International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics
| Link1 |
2015 KIIT University, Odisha, India
344 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Dynamics of Workplace Spirituality & Organizational Commitment: The role of Emotional Intelligence
2015 8th National Management Convention on “The Endless pursuit of winning in VUCA Environment”, KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar, India.
345 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Enhancing Performance through Spirituality at Workplace and Citizenship Behaviour: A review
2015 Scientific Paper Presentation of “50th National and International Conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology”, Tirupati, AP.
346 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Effect of Work-life Balance on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Role of Organizational Commitment
2015 International Business Research Conference, International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar, India.
347 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Workplace Spirituality: Enhancing Employee’s Emotional and Moral competencies for Better Performance
2015 National Conference on “Novelty and Challenges in Management” Ravenshaw Business School, Cuttack, India.
348 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Transformational Leadership and Spirituality at Workplace: Creating the proposition of win-win
2015 National Conference on Management of Employee Relations: New Manifestation” GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India.
349 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Emotional intelligence, Diversity and Organizational performance: Linkages and theoretical approaches for an emerging field
2015 12th Knowledge Globalization Conference, O P Jindal School of Business in association with Shuffolk University, Boston, USA.
350 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Employee Engagement and Citizenship Behavior: The mediating role of Organizational Commitment
2015 2nd HR Summit & International Conference on Emerging Challenges for HR: VUCA Perspective” IIM, Raipur, India.
351 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Role of Psychological Contract between Organisational Commitment and Employee Retention: Findings from Indian Manufacturing Industries
2015 International Conference of Organization and Management, Abu Dhabhi, UAE.
352 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Meaningful Work, Job Embebdedness and Psychological Wellbeing: An exploratory empirical assessment among Indian IT Professionals
2015 International Conference on Research and Business Sustainability, IIT Roorkee in association with Sheffield Business School, UK.
353 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction: The role of P-O fit in Indian Manufacturing Organizations
2015 Third PAN-IIM World Management Conference on the theme “India: The Next Decade”, IIM Indore, India
354 Prof. Arpita Saha,, Gender Concerns and Youth
2015 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES)
355 Prof. Arpita Saha,, New Media and Indian Politics
2015 Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
| Link1 |
2015 Singapore
357 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Cost Management and Value Addition in the Power Sector
2015 Gopalpur, 13 /12/2015
358 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Financial Literacy and Inclusion Programme for BOS
359 Dr. D.V. Ramana,, Experiments and Experience of Working with the People Doing Business on Street
| Link1 |
360 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, A study on the Effect of Performance Management on Employee s’ Job Performance: An Empirical study of RSP
2015 NIT Rourkela,9th & 10th,November
361 Prof. Kalpana Sahoo,, The Psychological Antecedents of CSR : An Application of Self Determination and Social Influence Theories
2015 Department of PM & IR, Utkal University, 9th – 10th May, 2015
362 Dr. Fr. V. Arokiyadass SJ,, Great Place to Study
2015 House of Commons, London, UK
363 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, Recontextualizing Talent Development: A study on two Indian organizations with British and Dutch origin, submitted in the 9th Biennial International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network
2015 Utrecht, The Netherlands
364 Prof. Subha Kant Padhi,, ICAI All India National Conference 2015
2015 KIIT Auditorium, Bhubaneswar, 12 -14 August, 2015
365 Prof. Elizabeth Abba,, UK-Odisha Partnership on Climate Change
2015 Mayfair Convention Centre, Bhubaneswar 27th August,2015
366 Prof. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,, Reaching the Unbanked through the Digital Revolution-National Financial Inclusion conference -2015
2015 The Ashok, New Delhi,
367 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, Title: International Conference on Organisation and Management , Theme: Innovative Management Practices: Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century
2015 Hotel Intercontinental, Abudhabi, 22 nd to 23rd Nov 2015
368 Prof. Tamoghna Acharyya,, Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, People and Biodiversity; A Conversation with Businesses to enhance Conservation along the East Coast of India
2015 Bhubaneswar
369 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, CATALYST D&I LOGUES
2015 CATALYST INDIA, MUMBAI, 09.09.2015
370 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, 6TH HR CONCLAVE ON "HR STATREGY AND TOOLS"
371 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, CII WORKSHOP ON CONTRACT LABOUR
372 Prof. Tania Saritova Rath,, SUCAS 2015
| Link1 |
2015 SOA UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESWAR,15.5.2015 TO 16.5.2015
373 Prof. Punyaslok Dhall,, European Marketing Conference
2015 Lisbon, Portugal, 29-30 June, 2015
374 Dr. MANIMAY GHOSH,, Fixing process problems in healthcare using metaroutines
2015 Washington, USA
375 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, Sustainable Business Through Human Resource Management Practices: A study on two century old family-managed organizations in India
2015 USM, Penang, Malaysia
376 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, IS Project Success from Practitioner’s Perspective: Evidences from India.
377 Prof. Sandip Sarkar,, the International Association for Applied Econometrics
2014 London, IAAE
378 Lect. Chandan Misra,, A Demonstration of GeomSMS: An SMS Framework for Sharing Geospatial Features
| Link1 |
2014 University of Texas, Dallas, ACM
379 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization: A Multiobjective PSO-based Feature Subset Selection from Amino Acid Sequence of Protein
| Link1 |
2014 22nd-24th Dec./2014, Bhubaneswar, India (IEEE Xplore).
380 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, ‘12th Development Dialogue: Rethinking Democracy
2014 International Institute of Social Sciences, The Hague, Netherlands
381 Prof. Tanmoy Das,, First Annual IGIDR-ISIK Doctoral Workshop
2014 Mumbai
382 Prof. Tanmoy Das,, Essex/Nuffield Experimental Social Sciences Summer School
2014 United Kingdom
383 Prof. Ashutosh Mishra,, International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
| Link1 |
384 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, Competitive Diffusion in Social Network
2014 Rourkela
385 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, Theme Based Clustering of Tweets
| Link1 |
2014 New Delhi, India
386 Prof. Atanu Chatterjee,, Demographic Trend in Gujarat: Findings from Census 2011
387 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Multidimensional Leadership & Workplace Spirituality: Fostering the culture of Sustainable Development
2014 UGC Sponsored National Seminar, F M University, Balasore, India.
388 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Introspection on Relationship Management through Social Awareness: Exploratory Study in Indian PSUs
2014 National Seminar on “Emotional Intelligence”, University Business School, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India.
389 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Workplace spirituality and Employee engagement: Some empirical findings
2014 24th Annual Convention of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM), Bhopal, India.
390 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Workplace Spirituality: Causative Dimension of Human Relations from Developmental Perspective
2014 National Seminar on “Human Relations in Industries: Issues and Challenges”, Dept. of PM & IR, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India.
391 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Effect of Workplace Spirituality towards Human Capital Formation: A conceptual review
2014 National Seminar on “Perspectives on Human Capital Formation & Utilization in India”, Berhampur University, India.
392 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Impact on employee performance: Role of ethical behaviour and its three predictors
2014 International Conference by Central University of Jharkhand-Ranchi, “The Next Leap: Exploring new paradigms in business
393 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Impact of Spirituality, Religiosity and Method of Compensation on Ethical Behaviour of Employees
2014 Management Development Institute-Gurgaon, Mar.-2014.
394 Prof. Sibanjan Mishra,, Enterprise Sustainability, CSR & Risk management: A paradigm for Sustaiable Development/ National Seminar on ‘Management Practices and Sustainable Development
2014 Department of Business Management, FM University, Odisha
395 Prof. Sibanjan Mishra,, Human Recognition: Role in social and economic development/ International Seminar on ‘Socio-Economic Scenario in India & Mainstreaming the Aam Aadmi
2014 Fakir Mohan University, Odisha
396 Prof. Sibanjan Mishra,, Study on Chaotic Behaviour in Indian Equity Markets, ICFIF, 2014
2014 IIT Kharagpur
397 Dr. Dipak Bhattacharyya,, Solving constrained employment relations through critical discourse analysis – Application based study on two organizations
2014 Dauphine DRM University, Paris, France
398 Prof. Rahul Thakurta,, Dynamics of Psycho-Social Process in Technology Transition
399 Dr. Snigdha Pattnaik,, Analyzing Organizational Change: A Sensemaking Perspective
2013 IIM Ahmedabad
400 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Participatory Communication Approach In Improving Health Practices in India
2013 Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi
401 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Role of Technology in Open Schooling: A Case Study in Odisha
2013 NIOS, New Delhi
402 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Fiscal Reforms, Fiscal Rules and Development Spending: How Indian States have performed?
2013 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), 2013 Economic Theory and Policy Conference, New Delhi
403 Prof. Sandip Sarkar,, Poverty Reduction in Asia: Drivers, Best Practices and Policy Initiatives
2013 Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
404 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, An Improved Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance Approach for Feature Selection in Gene Expression Data
| Link1 |
2013 Kalyani, West Bengal, India (Procedia Technology, Vol. 10, pp. 20-27, Elsevier).
405 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, A PSO-based Rank Aggregation Algorithm for Ranking Genes from Microarray Data
| Link1 |
2013 Thessaloniki, Greece, September, 2013 (ACM).
406 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, Fuzzy Rule-based Classifier for Microarray Gene Expression Data by Using a Multiobjective PSO-based Approach
| Link1 |
2013 Hyderabad, India, July 2013 (IEEE Xplore).
407 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, Research Innovations Workshop
2013 Keele University, United Kingdom
408 Prof. Ashutosh Mishra,, International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering
| Link1 |
2013 Dhaka University, IEEE
409 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, Complex Network Characteristics and Performance in Cricket
| Link1 |
2013 Mysore, India
410 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, Temporal Analysis of User Behavior and Topic Evolution on Twitter
| Link1 |
2013 Mysore, India
411 Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy,, Spatio-Temporal and Events based Analysis of Topic Popularity in Twitter
2013 San Francisco, USA
412 Prof. Arijit Mitra,, A Game Theoretic Approach for Exploring Feasibility of Buyer - Supplier Cooperation
2013 IMT Dubai
413 Prof. Lalatendu Kesari Jena,, Spirituality & Productivity: Is there any Relationships? Emancipation through Karma Yoga
2013 HR Summit, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, India.
414 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, The Role of Cognitive Appraisal in Work Family Experiences of Indian IT Employees
2013 2013 at IIM Ahmedabad
415 Prof. Mousumi Padhi ,, Role of Congruence in Work Family Interfac
2013 Indian Institute of Bangalore, January 6-9, India
416 Prof. Pradyumna Kumar Mohanty,, Relevance of Financial Statements in Creation of Value for the Investors
417 Dr. BHASKAR BASU,, Evaluation of Leadership Assessment Program of an Organization using SAS
2013 7th ISDSI & 5th OSCM International Conference, IMI, New Delhi, December, 2013
418 Dr. BHASKAR BASU,, Usage of metrics for performance evaluation in organizations
2013 7th ISDSI & 5th OSCM International Conference, IMI, New Delhi, December, 2013
419 Dr. BHASKAR BASU,, DIBAR: A Methodology for Measurement and Evaluation of KM Capability
2013 International Conference on Rural Innovation, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology (ICRICKET), India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, January 2013
420 Dr. BHASKAR BASU,, DISEASE: A Methodology for Measurement and Evaluation of KM Effectiveness
2013 Deptt of Management, IIT Delhi(13-15 Dec,2013)
421 Prof. Suchitra Pal,, Cultural factors in the Predictors of Job Stress and Job satisfaction among Indian and Norwegian Nurses
2013 Community, work and Family, University of Sydney
422 Prof. Sandip Anand,, Understanding corporate identity of SMEs: Conceptualization and preliminary construction of scale
423 Prof. Dipak Misra,, QFD Based Integrated Approach for Information Systems Evaluation and Benefits Realization
424 Dipak Misra,, QFD Based Integrated Approach for Information Systems Evaluation and Benefits Realization
425 Prof. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo,, Marginalization, Social Change, Media: A Sociological Analysis
2012 TISS, Guwahati
426 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Political Determinants of the Allocation of Public Expenditures: A Study of the Indian States
2012 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), 3rd Annual Conference on Papers in Public Economics (PIPE), New Delhi
427 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Do Political Determinants Affect Public Expenditure Allocation? A Study of the Indian States
2012 Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), CESP Young Scholars’ Seminar, New Delhi
428 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Regional Income Disparity and Government Intervention in India: Evidence from Sub-national Data
2012 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), 2012 Economic Theory and Policy Conference, New Delhi
429 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Does Political Competition Influence Human Development? Evidence from the Indian States
2012 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), Papers in Public Economics and Policy, New Delhi
430 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Fiscal Reforms, Fiscal Rules and Development Spending: How Indian States have performed?
2012 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), Annual Conference on Papers in Public Economics (PIPE), New Delhi
431 Prof. Bharatee Bhusana Dash,, Do Political Determinants Affect Revenue Collection? Evidence from the Indian States
2012 Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy (CTRPFP), International Conference on Public Finance, Public Economics & Public Policy, Kolkata
432 Prof. Gogol Mitra Thakur,, 2012 Economic Theory and Policy Conference
2012 National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi
433 Prof. Sandip Sarkar,, Dynamic Comparison between Multidimensional Poverty and Monetary Poverty
| Link1 |
2012 Oxford University
434 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, Multiobjective particle swarm optimization based ontology alignment
| Link1 |
2012 Solan, India, December 2012 (IEEE Xplore).
435 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, “Identifying Most Relevant Non-redundant Gene Markers From Gene Expression Data Using PSO-based Graph -Theoretic Approach
| Link1 |
2012 Solan, India, December 2012 (IEEE Xplore).
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| Link1 |
2012 Gwalior, India, December 2012 (AISC Springer).
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| Link1 |
2012 Bhubaneswar, India, December 2012 (AISC Springer).
438 Dr. Monalisa Mandal,, A Multiobjective PSO-based Approach for Identifying Non-redundant Gene Markers from Microarray Gene Expression Data
| Link1 |
2012 Dindigul, India
439 Dr. Nadira Khatun,, CPRACSIS International Conference
2012 The Centre for Performance Research and Cultural Studies in South Asia
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| Link1 |
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2012 June 24-27, Goa, India
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| Link1 | | link2 |
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| Link1 |
2011 Bangalore, India
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| Link1 | | link2 |
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2010 IIM Calcutta
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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506 Amar KJR Nayak,, Optimizing Asymmetries for Sustainability
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| Link1 |
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| Link1 |
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2006 IIM Indore
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2003 Nirma Ahmedabad
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2003 Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar
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2003 Patan
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2002 Amity Noida
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2002 IIPS Indore
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