Case Published

Sl No.Author(s)TitleYearPublisher
1 M N Tripathi,, KIDS in Trouble
2017, India
2 Dr. Bishnu Prasad Mishra,Prof.Finance,, UPHILL TASKS in the FOOTHILLS
2017 XIMB,Bhubaneswar India
3 Punyaslok Dhall,, Swosti Foods: Decoding Distributor Financial Metrices
2016 Sage Publishers, New Delhi, India
4 Bibhu Prasan Patra,, Delibarate Deception:case Study on Volkswagen Emission Scandal
2016 Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar ,India
5 Ateeque Shaikh,Kushankur Dey, Patronage distribution and governance in VAPCOL: Girish Sohani's dilemma
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2016 SAGE Publications Ltd. USA
6 Pradeep Mishra,, Sikshasandhan: Funding Challenges and Mission Drift
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2016 Singapore: World Scientific
7 Thakurta, Rahul, Rao,Umesh Hodeghatta, Airosonic Travels Private Limited: staying competitive through IT development
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2015 Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK
8 Ghosh Dastidar, Surajit,Thakurta, Rahul, RedBus: looking up to the clouds
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2015 Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK
9 D V Ramana,, The power shift: will it help? Micro privatization of power distribution business "
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2015 Emerald’s Emerging Markets Case Studies
10 M N Tripathi,, 'Swacch Odisha - A case on attemptin to inculcate healthy sanitation practices in rural Odisha
2015 Sage Publications, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Asian Journal of Management Cases, Vol 12, No.2, Sept. 2015, ISSN 0972-8201
11 Vohra, N., Pattnaik, S. and Niranjana, N.,, Innovations in Talent Building: Kaivalya Education Foundation.
2014 A case copyrighted with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
12 Vohra, N. and Pattnaik, S. ,, Ramesh and Gargi A & B.
2014 A case copyrighted with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
13 Thakurta, Rahul; Gupta, Mayank,, Evaluating the business value of IT requirements.
2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection
14 Mohapatra, Sanjay; Thakurta, Rahul,, Knowledge Management Practices of an IT Company.
2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection
15 Thakurta, Rahul; Rao,Umesh Hodeghatta,, Storm – the story of OrangeInc.
2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies
16 Sanjay Mohapatra , Amit Nayak , Ankita Bhangadiya , Ipshit Bagchi , Pradeep Kumar Sharma , Sukanya B,, A dilemma of terracotta professional – the case of implementing information systems in a terracotta unit
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2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies
17 Mohapatra Sanjay , Thakurta Rahul,, Knowledge management practices of an IT company
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2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies
18 Sanjay Mohapatra , Debapriyo Nag , Ravi Tej P,, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.: creating a competitive advantage through an empowered workforce
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2014 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies
19 BP PATRA,, From Board Room to Prison Cell: A Case of Insider Trading
2013 Xavier Institute of Management
20 Mohapatra, S., Thakurta, R.,, Making it to the Cloud computing - a small but Powerful Dream
2013 3rd South Asian Management Research and Case Conference 2013
21 M N Tripathi,, Case analysis for 'Mortein Vaporizers - What lies beneath Brand Positioning
2013 Vikalpa - The Journal for Decision Makers, Vol 38, July - Sept, 2013, Issue No. 3
22 Jeevan J Arakal & Rajeev Roy,, Measuring Performance at the Base of Pyramid- Collective Action by Lac Producers in Jharkhand
2013 Drafting Stage
23 Jeevan J Arakal & Dinesh Sharma,, Small Farmers Become Marketers- The Case of Nava Jyoti, Odisha
2013 Under Review
24 Ghosh Dastidar, S., Thakurta, R., and Sreeram, A.,, Health Pharma: managing supply chain.
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2012 Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection
25 M N Tripathi,, 'Turning over a new leaf - The case of Orissa State Cooperative Bank
2011 Journal of Case Research-Online International Journal, XIMB, India, ISSN:0976-108X
26 Jeevan J Arakal, Nishant Kumar & V Joseph Satish ,, Fishing for Innovation - The story of Samudaram, Orissa
| Link1 |
2010 Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2010
27 M N Tripathi,, Case Analysis - Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited: Retail Franchising in the Healthcare Industry
2009 Vikalpa- The Journal for Decision makers, Vol 34, No.2, April - June, 2009, IIM Ahmedabad
28 Pradeep Mishra,, ARAVALI, Vikalpa
2009 India
29 B.P.Patra,, Corporate Social Responsibility ,Conflict of Interest and the Case of Tata Tea Alleged Funding of ULFA Militants
2008 Vilakshan, vol. V, issue-2
30 M N Tripathi,, BSNL - Making the Elephant Dance - Case
2008 Vilakshan, XIMB Journal of Management, Vol V, Issue No.1, March, 2008, XIMB, India, ISSN 0973-1954
31 B.P.Patra,, Maruti’s Product Recall: A case of Quality Consciousness and Custmor Care
2006 Vilakshan, vol III, issue -1
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2005 Parallax Online, UK
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36 Kumar, niraj,, Lone Crusader
1998 Down to Earth
37 Prof.S.P.Das,, Group Entrepreneurship through Handicrafts in Orissa – 10 Case Studies, sponsored by IDBI
38 Prof.S.P.Das,, Socio-economic Development of Chotnagpur II, Bihar & Role of Catholic Church Sponsored by MISEREOR
39 Prof.S.P.Das,, Preliminary Survey Report on Rural Development for IDL Chemicals
40 Prof.S.P.Das,, A Study to identify Prospects, Skill and Resources for Self-employment in Khunti Block, Dist. – Ranchi
41 Prof.S.P.Das,, A Survey Report on Socio-Economic Conditions of Raiganj Diocese for Rural Development
42 Prof.S.P.Das,, A study to find out Potential Entrepreneurship for self-employment in Lapung Block, Dist. – Ranchi
43 Prof.S.P.Das,, A Study to find out potential Entrepreneurship in Gumla Suburb, Dist. Ranchi