Books Published

Sl No.Author(s)TitleYearPublisher
1 Tathagata Chatterji,, Globalisation at the Peri-urban Interface – A comparative analysis of the governance characteristics of three Indian cities
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2016 Copal Publishing, India
2 Tathagata Chatterji,, Citadels of Glass – The Story of India’s New Suburban Landscape
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2015 Westland Books, India
3 Pradeep Mishra,, Management and Impact of Watershed Development Projects in Gujarat: A Study of Implementation Processes and Outcomes, Sarabrucken (Germany): VDM Verlag Dr Muller & Co. KG, ISBN: 9783639370355
2011 Germany
4 Pareek, J,A. Walia,S. Kumar Techno-economic Assessment of Bioenergy in India
2006 Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council
5 Pandey D.N. and, Niraj Kumar ,, Ethnoforestry: An Annotated Bibliography
6 Kumar, Niraj,, Human Elements in Organisation
1996 Hindu Speaks on Management