Books Published

Sl No.Author(s)TitleYearPublisher
1 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Plasticity of Mind
2018 Ashra Publication
2 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Landscape of Mind
2017 Ashra Publication
3 Kalpana Sahoo,, Alchemy of Human Happiness
2016 Ashra Publication
4 Dr. F. M. Sahoo,, Tools of Mind
2016 Rock Pebbles, Odisha, India
5 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Mind Management
2015 ASHRA Publication,Bhubaneswar ,India
6 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Splendours of mind
2014 ASHRA Publication,Bhubaneswar ,India
7 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Wonders of mind
2013 ASHRA Publication
8 Fakir Mohan Sahoo,, Mysteries of mind
2012 ASHRA Publication
9 Pattnaik, S. ,, Performance Appraisal Systems
2010 LAP Lambert Publishing Company, Germany
10 Sahoo, F. M. ,, Atlas of mind
2010 Bhubaneswar :ASHRA Publication
11 Sahoo, F. M. (Ed),, Behavioural issues in Aging
2009 New Delhi: Concept Publication
12 Sahoo.F.M. & Sia N. (Eds),, Models of behavior
2008 Bhubaneswar: Institute for Youth and Disaster Preparedness
13 Sahoo, F.M. & Sinha, S. ,, Sex roles in transition: The changing dialogues between men and women
2004 New Delhi: Kalpaz Publication
14 Sahoo, F.M.,, Dynamics of human helplessness
2002 New Delhi: Concept publication
15 Sahoo, F.M. ,, Child rearing and educating assistance menual (CREAM)
1998 Bhubaneswar: Centre of Advanced Study in Psychology
16 Walter Fernandes,, Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation in the Tribal Areas of Orissa
1992 Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, India
17 Sahoo, F.M. Mishra, P.K.K & Patra, R.S. ,, Environment and behaviour : Ecological perspectives
1988 New Delhi : Akshat Publications
18 Sahoo, F.M. (Ed),, Psychology in Indian context
1988 Agra : National Psychological Corporation
19 Sahoo, F.M. ,, Cognitive style and inter personal behaviour
1987 Bhubaneswar. DIPS
20 Sahoo, F.M. ,, Affective sensitivity and cognitive style
1987 Agra : National Psychological Corporation